Tuesday, January 22, 2008

25 Things you may (or may not) know about me—and probably don’t need to know either

Go west young man, go west


I shared this photo of myself from the mid-70s with a couple girls at the office the other day and was tickled at their reaction.  What can I say, I know how to work a pair of plaid shorts and a bicentennial cap. 

One said I was full of surprises, so I figured I’d put that rumor to rest with a list of 25 boring things about yours truly.  As you can see, I’m perfectly harmless…



1. My favorite tv show of all time is 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'


When the ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ premiered in 1970, I was 8 years old & smitten with Mary Richards (and her friends Rhoda Morganstern & Phyllis Lindstrom from the very first episode). 

I've seen each show so many times that I had no plans to purchase it when they began releasing the seasons to DVD, but of course I did and I’ve probably watched these discs more than any other in my collection.  (I really need to do a blog-tribute to these guys soon!)  


2.  I write with my right hand--but I doodle, toss, bowl, whisk & bat with my left.   Strange, huh? But true! 

3. I've lived in the same apartment building since October 16, 1995.  At the time I was seeing someone fairly seriously, & thought I'd only be here a year. Who knew?


My apartment building, where I've lived pretty comfortably since October 1995--it's on a quiet street & only a block from civilization (bus stop, shopping and around a dozen or so pizza parlors!



4. The last (vinyl) record album I bought was in 1981--John Lennon & Yoko Ono's 'Double Fantasy'. 

5. The Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Peoples Choice Awards—all blecch  Don’t these people get enough attention & accolades?  Why aren’t glitzy awards presented to IT people like me?  I worked some real magic this year & didn’t even get a pat on the head! 

6. I subscribed to Playboy Magazine from 1987-2002.  On my 15th anniversary with them, I cancelled the subscription--and tossed out the entire collection! 

7. I have never seen 'Citizen Kane', 'Lawrence of Arabia', or 'Doctor Zhivago'.


8. Every Thursday night, I have a ritual where I scrub my bathroom & kitchen from 7-8pm.   For like the last 20 years, too.     

9. I never learned to swim.   But I still prefer being in water over my head, if you think I just hang out in wading pools…

10. I've always worn glasses—but hate getting my picture taken while wearing them.   (Go on, try to find a photo of me wearing glasses—go on…)

11. I didn't get my first car (or my driver's license) until I was 39 years old.  I still don’t like driving unless I absolutely have to, this is why God gave us feet—and public transportation! 

12. I have a shy bladder.  But not a shy mouth, apparently In love

13. I prefer sleeping on my couch versus my bed.  In the winter, I often make up my couch with sheets & blankets and sleep there all week.  My mom used to do this too.

14. I have never seen any of these popular shows: 'The Office', 'My Name is Earl', 'ER', 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Law & Order', 'The Amazing Race'...the list goes on & on.    I actually came up with a list once, with 25 others.  Why?  Why?

15. I’ve been in love with the Bride of Frankenstein since I was 14 years old.  Trust me, if you’ve been a nerd most of your life, you are too.

16. Since the year 2000, I've seen my brothers a total of 3-4 times.   Here’s the 3 of us with Dad in the 1990s, the last time we were all in one photo together.

17. I've never owned, held or shot a gun.  And I’ll go to my grave thinking no one who isn’t a cop or soldier should, either. 

18. I’m a cat lover.   Growing up, I had 3 cats--a striped cat named Popsi Cola, a Siamese named Ming, and my favorite cat--Gumby, that my sister Shawn & I rescued as a newborn kitten.  It's been 20 years since she’s been gone & I still think about her.

19. My favorite author is Shirley Jackson  but Stephen King is in a close tie for that honor!  Shirley wrote such classics as "The Lottery", "The Birds Nest" & "The Haunting of Hill House".  Get her collection of short stories, she is dark & stunning.


From ‘The Haunting of Hill House’:  “No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met neatly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone."


20. I drink iced tea--by the gallon.  Seriously, I brew at least 3 gallons of the stuff per week. I was a soda-fanatic most of my life (did you see the name of my first cat?  Popsi Cola?)  until my thirties, when I discovered I could get my caffeine rush without the added 16 teaspoons of sugar per 12 oz. serving. 

21. I’m a Trekkie.   Yes I own every series & movie made on DVD, and maybe a few model ships here & there, and a communicator or two.  But no costumes!

Most of my collection (before I got TNG too)

22. I like to draw, and write short stories.  I'm not saying I'm talented, but I still enjoy doing both just the same.  Oh I just realized, you’re reading some of my work right now… heh.  Moving on!

23. I am the only one of six kids that never marriedEye rolling smile      

24. The celebrity I've had a lifelong crush on is...Sally Field.   I know my sister will say "Doug, I thought it was Barbara Eden!" but gosh Shawn, that was just a blonde phase I went thru at puberty!  It’s always been about the brunettes!

Anyway--can you blame me?  When I was a kid and fantasizing about flying like Superman, she was doing it as 'The Flying Nun'!  In the early 70s when ESP was all the rage, she delivered the goods in ‘The Girl with Something Extra’.  And just when I thought I couldn’t dig her any more, she slipped on a pair of glasses and became the deliciously crazy ‘Sybil’.  Go Sally!

25. When I was 7 years old I wished I could fly like Superman.  I still do.


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