Sunday, February 17, 2008

Okay she’s not Catwoman, but I think she comes close



I normally don't write about people outside of myself or my family on here, but it's surprising who you can meet online when you're not even looking.

Thora Birch as the ultimate cynic Enid in 'Ghost World', a favorite of both mine and...

This all began a week or so ago, at the office.  I'm sitting there browsing the internet while waiting on a corrected excel file from the Pricing Dept, like any self-respecting cubicle dweller in my situation would do.  Suddenly I had this craving for a Lennon Sisters video (yeah, the Lennon Sisters—I know) & I go to YouTube to begin looking for a particular song, "Tonight You Belong to Me".  Alas, no luck; but I DO find a version of it, sung by this dastardly duo from the 1950s.

"The Best of Patience & Prudence", before rock n’ roll came along & ruined everything 

Their rendition of the song actually makes me cringe; so what do I do next?  Look for more Patience & Prudence, of course!

And that's when I found the Catwoman.  (Okay—Lisa, from California.  And I know that having a cat or two does not a catwoman make, but there’s just something there!) 


Lisa, primping before a mirror & playing with her cats while Patience & Prudence sing in the background

To be honest, at first I was a bit dumbstruck at what I was watching; who is this person?   I do a search for all videos connected to her, & am amazed at what I find.  (An eclectic collection of work, ranging from a dance club-tribute to her felines to exploring Black Diamond caves, her fear of standing water, & how to cook beans while drinking a martini & coloring her roots.)  And for the most part, very well produced.  

I'm feeling both intrigued & a bit smitten with this person.  I send the 'beans' video to a friend.  "Watch this!"  He responds back.  "Uh...some chick taped herself cookin' beans?"  You're not getting it.  I send the link to my sisters.  Shawn says "I laugh knowing it makes you laugh."  (Haha!  Well, that's sweet Shawn...)  I debate sending this girl a private message just to tell her how much I enjoyed her work, but I've never written a 'fan letter' to ANYONE.  Eventually I figure what the heck, and send one out.   The next day I receive this reply:

lv Thanks Doug! That's really sweet of you to tell me that. I always wonder how some people find my videos. (I saw the comment you left on the Smile video!) I don't make as many videos as I should. I'm pretty lazy. I write blogs as well! I used to have a blogspot page, but now I post them on Myspace, if you ever want to check those out. Exciting stuff...

Thanks for the link to your blog! I will check it out tomorrow. Right now it's 11:23 and I need to go to bed. If you have any video suggestions, let me know!  Lisa :-)

How nice!  I don't have the guts to tell her that while I may write enough junk of my own, I don’t read a lot of others stuff.  But after I watch a few more of her videos--again, I feel that darn 'kindred spirits' vibe--I decide to check out her blogs after all.  (I'm amazed...they date back to 2003.) 


(A sampling from a hilarious piece about annoying neighbors smoking pot, and giving her cats Gary & Charlotte cat-nip; you can read the rest & many others if you click here.



Striking a sexy pose & looking very Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman

I spent a couple evenings just reading her blogs; they're not so much 'here's what happened today, folks!' as they are captivating essays of introspection.  (It's almost a disconcerting feeling, not 'knowing' someone but knowing them.  Know what I mean?)  A couple of times I felt genuine sympathy for her; here she was baring her soul & only getting some flippant responses in return.  I think she wants to be seen as the writer she is, not a 'blogger'.  There's nothing snobbish about that; it is what it is. 

I can't believe I devoted a whole blog to someone I barely know!  But if she sees this, I just wanted Lisa to know (in my own rambling way) that I wish I had the courage & talent to share who I am like she does.  I don’t see her as a villain, but a heroine.

In a followup letter she informed me she liked the teepee (it was 'schnazzy’) & said I was a "darn good writer".   I think she’s just being kind, but I’ll take it—I like her words too much.   Thanks Lisa, and please keep writing!


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