Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008: It’s that time of year again, for masks & mortality


I take real pleasure in the smallest things. For example, this morning I woke up & noted with smug satisfaction that it was still dark outside; the clock said 5:20. I love getting up before the sun rises--when I looked outside, the other houses on my street were dark, and everything was very still.

I felt like I had the world to myself for a little while, this Sunday morning; well, my small piece of it. Sometimes I wish this wasn't as important to me as it is.  As of Friday I am 47 years old, and for some reason… ah well, nevermind.   

Anyway, I hadn't planned on getting up this soon, but I fell asleep earlier than usual last night--I always do after I come home from a long car trip. I spent yesterday back home with my sister Shawn, her husband Jim & my beautiful niece Sophia for my birthday. (They had originally intended to take me to a restaurant called 'The Porch', a buffet style place, but based on my wishes we had lunch at their house, then went to little Washington to do some shopping & dinner at my er... favorite "seafood place".

(Okay, I confess, Long John Silvers. It was my mom's favorite place & mine still--I'd go there everyday if I could, I love their menu.)



Sophia presented me with a big 'Happy Birthday Uncle Doug' cake; I know this pumpkin loves me, but she loves birthdays like none other!


Sophie sure made me feel special--that sweetheart kept hugging me for no reason & asked me to hold her hand when we were walking into the restaurant. I believe she yelled "Uncle Doug!" 67 times during my visit--she's a little squirrel and a real treasure.    

Thanks again for the nice day, guys


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