Thursday, September 8, 2011

I’d rather end the summer on a warm note


Doggone it, I’ve been in a real funk this week.  I’m pretty sure it began with that incident last Friday (when that crazy-ass dude threw me up against a wall & gave me that lecture about killing me) followed by all this chilly wet weather. 

(Hmm...maybe subconsciously I am somehow manipulating the jet stream to match my own blah mood-- why should I be the only one with a cloud over his head?)  Yes I know, that’s crazy-talk... it’s been going around a lot lately!  Ok enough of that--the thing is, I just didn’t want that (see previous blog) to be my last blog of the summer. 

So when my sister Shawn sent me this photo of my beautiful 6 year old niece Sophia doing her monkey bit at a playground this past Sunday (she was attending a birthday party, hence the skirt—oh wait my sister just informed me it’s a “skort”) I knew I had to share it here, and end the summer on a high note.   This trapeze artist can cheer me up without even trying!

So...for now all I have to say is that I’m looking forward to fall (my favorite time of year) and not so much looking forward to Halloween (which also happens to be my 50th birthday—cripes) and finally as long as I’m blathering away here, I’d like to give thanks to all the people in my life who always manage to make my days just a little bit sunnier—I hope you know who you are.  And also a special thank-you note to the visitors of the teepee who take the time to read my foolishness (and sometimes even respond to it). 

If you want names, I’d be happy to oblige.  Smile  



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