Friday, July 19, 2013

Maybe it’s an odd thing but apaches have man-crushes too

Last weekend I was watching ‘This is 40’ (a very funny, very raunchy sequel-of-sorts to ‘Knocked Up’) & it occurred to me that I pretty much like everything that has Paul Rudd in it. 

THEN I thought “waitaminute, am I developing a man-crush on Paul Rudd?”

Man-crushes are a tricky thing; the Urban Dictionary defines a man-crush as ‘when a straight man has a "crush" on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.’   Yeah, that works for me!

Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realized a couple things: 

  • I don’t have a man-crush on Paul Rudd
  • I do have one on several other guys; I should come up with a Top Ten list, in ascending order & list them here
  • They have to be real men—nothing personal, Superman!

So, at the risk of raising an eyebrow or two, going from smaller man-crushes to the biggest, here’s my Top Ten List of guys (for reasons I can’t fully explain) I just can’t seem to get enough of.

10. David Duchovny (when he was on “The X-Files”)

Okay, I’m not into David so much anymore—but during his X-Files days, I thought he was the coolest dude on tv.  As much as I’ve always loved the idea of an alien takeover, I think David (in his spiffy FBI duds) was half the reason I watched the show.  David, I still want to believe.  (You know—in UFOs.)

9.  Lee Majors (from “The Six Million Dollar Man”)

I recently got the first 3 seasons of “Six Million Dollar Man” & I’ve gotta say, I love Lee Majors just as much now as I did in the ‘70s.  You can’t go wrong with bionics, but Lee ROCKED those leisure suits!  I swear to God, he wears 3 different suits in each episode and never fails to kick ass—bionically AND fashionably.

8.  Daniel Craig

Y’know, I first saw Daniel around 7-8 years ago in the film “Layer Cake” (about a cocaine dealer who wants to retire) and was instantly smitten.  I ran right out and bought it, I’ve watched it 4 times since.  Years later when they announced he was the new Bond, I was ecstatic—I love James Bond, and I love Daniel Craig.  ‘Nuff said.

7.  Martin Milner/Kent McCord (from “Adam-12”)

In the 70s, I’d watch this pair—Kent and his constant disbelief at how rotten people could be, & Martin’s wry smile, and it was like comfort food.  One of my all-time favorite tv shows and I love these guys just as much now as I did then.  And hey, who doesn’t love a man in uniform?  Here’s two.

6. Paul Reubens (as Pee-Wee Herman & himself)

I love him, I love him, I love him—and where he goes I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow!  Yes I proudly admit it: Paul Reubens will always be my guy. He’s awesome.

5.  Gene Kelly

If it wasn’t for Gene Kelly, I don’t think I’d be a terribly big fan of those old MGM musicals (let alone all that hoofing).  But with his short, stocky musculature and big hammy smile, he always made it look so easy, like dancing was just a natural thing.  I used to envision us being pals, a real couple of swells.  Dammit, it’s true!

4.  Rod Serling

Rod Serling

Are there younger photos of Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling out there?  Sure, but I think I liked him best during his ‘Night Gallery’ days.  With that craggly brow and his quiet, literate voice he always made me sit up and take notice.  I miss him still.

3.  Stephen King

I have been in REAL LOVE with Stephen King since 1982, when a friend loaned me ‘The Dead Zone’ and I felt like he was writing for me personally.  Have I read all his 50+ works?  Of course, at least twice!  Do I have a favorite?  You bet—his simple, honest autobiography.  What a powerful imagination & real soul this man has.  For the last 30 years, I’ve been hanging on his every word.

2.  Leonard Nimoy

Yes, of course I loved him in his earlier days as Spock, just like a billion other people.  But I love the man he grew into too as well, wise and thoughtful and full of character.  “Grow old along with me… the best is yet to be.”  That’s how he makes me feel.

1.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

If there’s a case for real hero worship, this is it.  As my sister Shawn well knows, I’ve been captivated by this great man and his greater deeds for as long as I can remember.  I get goosebumps when I read about or see old film clips of him still.  I wish I could’ve been a part of your time FDR, or you in ours.

There, that wasn’t so bad… was it?  Smile


  1. What a great list, Doug! I have a soft spot for Gene Kelly, too. Since you like movies and admire FDR, may I recommend "Hyde Park on Hudson" if you haven't seen it yet? Bill Murray is superb in it and really gives a convincing performance as Roosevelt.

  2. Thanks very much Pam! No I haven't seen that movie, and a friend even asked me the same thing recently--but I love FDR, I love Bill Murray and I respect you taste in movies so I'll be sure to rent that asap--thanks again!

  3. Interesting list, Doug. Not sure what my top 10 would look like but Ali would be a definite - when I met him, all I could blurt out was "I love you, Muhammad!" (like every other bloke there - it was a man crush crush.

  4. Thanks for your feedback Andrew and wow--so awesome about Ali, I'm glad you didn't hold back.

    I gotta tell you, I thought of YOU when I was doing this list--I pondered Gordon Ramsay (and knew you'd have something to say about it haha) but the shine has worn off the apple a bit in the last couple years, so I think I'm safe :)


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