Monday, August 12, 2013

What happened, little buddy? A prayer for Flynn


I wasn’t planning on sharing two cat pieces in a row, but three days ago my sister Shawn contacted me & said she’d been awakened early in the morning by their new kitten’s cries, and found him sick in his litter box.  She wasted no time (thank God) waking my niece Sophia and telling her they had to take Flynn to the animal hospital right away.  Thankfully, the vet agreed to come in earlier than usual to check Flynn out.

After taking some x-rays, they detected a strange mass in the little guy’s stomach that’s preventing him from digesting any food and causing him to spit everything he eats back up.  My sister thinks Flynn swalowed a felt mousetoy that he was very fond of and carried around everywhere he went, which is now missing.  Ironically, he got it from the same clinic he’s at now, given to him on his last visit when he got his shots. 

I’ve been doing some reading up on animals swallowing items (dogs and tube socks seem to be a popular trend) but opening an animals stomach is expensive and this little guy may not be big (or old) enough for surgery according to the vet.  Shawn says if they do it, she and Jim will figure out a way to pay for it, they just want him back home and well.  So what’s next…

He’s been given more x-rays, enemas, but has only able to eat about a half-teaspoon of food.  It was laced with barium, and they tracked it thru his system so SOME nutrients are getting thru, but not much.   It’s been three days and he’s no better.

It wrecks my heart to know this little guy is suffering… everyone comments how he’s one of the most gentle cats they’ve ever seen and even the vet said she wishes she could adopt him.   I just pray there’s a happy ending here soon.

FOLLOW UP:  The little guy is home from the hospital & appears to be on the mend.  If only the same could be said for my sister & husband’s wallet.   Disappointed smile


  1. Doug, I came across this post just now and just wanted to say I'm so glad to hear the cat is doing much better. As a lifelong cat owner, however, I've never heard of a cat swallowing a toy (which is not to say it can't and doesn't happen, but it's very, very unusual...something that dogs are more likely to do.) Sometimes cats that are fed nothing but dry food get a mass that accumulates in their stomach or intestines...something to keep in mind. My cats get mostly canned food, with dry food given as a snack until their next mealtime...and of course, constantly fresh water. But, anyways, I hope the little guy has made a complete recovery.

  2. Thanks very much Pam, I am going to share what you said with my sister (about the dry food becoming a mass). I know Flynn is fed dry food (but he always has a fesh bowl of water, always). This is ironic, as growing up our family had several cats thru the years, and they always ate canned food.

    Anyway--Flynn completely recovered last summer, and he's an awesome guy. I love cats too & he is definitely one of the good guys. ;) Thanks again Pam!


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