Sunday, June 22, 2014

I’m still here… in spirit at least


In my blog travels (I like to browse other’s personal blogs sometimes, just to see what’s on their minds & if I still hold the honor of being the most boring blogger on the internet) I’ll occasionally run across something like this:  “Sorry I haven’t posted anything for awhile, just been crazy busy!  I promise I’ll be back soon!”

Then I’ll check out the date of that post:  March 21, 2010.   I don’t think they’re coming back.  I wonder, if a personal blogger falls in the Internet Forest, does anyone notice?  Or care?

I always promised myself I wouldn’t do that, if I didn’t have something worthwhile to write about (cough) then my last post could stand on its own.  But it’s been three weeks now & I’ve still got nothing I feel compelled to share.  Just been going to work & enjoying the warmer weather, started Stephen King’s latest novel (a surprisingly un-supernatural crime thriller “Mister Mercedes”) and doing a lot of thinking about a lot of nothing. 

Well, it seems that lately I’ve been getting questions about earlier stuff I’ve shared on here—maybe a follow-up is in order. 

So until we meet again, hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Smile



  1. Glad to see the tree is still standing! ~Jase

  2. Haha! Thanks very much Jase, me too :)


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