Friday, March 13, 2015

How could this happen to me and you? A sweet goodbye, my Toshy Blue



Darn it,  I’m feeling a little lost right now.  A few nights ago I was sitting on my couch, looking at some old movie trailers on YouTube when my computer died. 

I sat here in stunned silence for a few moments, attempted to ‘get it going’ again, finally unplugging it and prayed that it would somehow be right again come morning.  Nope. 

I guess I’ve been expecting this for some time; Toshy Blue’s cooling fan stopped working a couple years ago, then her hard drive began making constant, weary grinding noises.  As her screen got progressively dim, I knew the end was near.  Oh Toshy Blue… you were my everything.   

Of course we’ve all been there with some beloved contraption, be it a car or whatnot, but it doesn’t alter the fact that I loved Blue like none other.  I got her back in 2007, a real no-frills model, solely for working from home.  I had a flashy silver HP at the time, I didn’t want to taint with ugly work stuff.  But that fussy HP didn’t last long, and that’s when Toshy stepped up to the plate and became my everything, and now she’s gone.  (Along with a slew of photos, retirement and investment papers, mp3 downloads, internet links and 5-6 blog drafts… choke!)  

It’s not just the lost files though.  She had a wonderful CCFL screen (fluorescent backlighting) that manufacturera don’t use anymore.  Now laptops are lit with LED strips, which give off a harsh, unnatural glare.  They’re supposed to last longer, use a lot less energy and don’t get as hot—but I never had to worry about “color management” before, and with my newer Toshiba, it’s all I do! 


T'Pol on the new machine








This is how my favorite Vulcan chick T’Pol looked on Toshy Blue, and how she appears now on my new Toshiba Turd—oh the humanity

Why aren’t people up in arms about this?  Why aren’t they clamoring for a return to the “true light” screens?  Can I start a petition or something?  I spend so much time fussing with the contrast, saturation & gamma controls that I forget why I got on the computer in the first place!

Anyway, this wasn’t intended to be a rant against the new technology, but a nerdy, heartfelt goodbye to the best laptop I ever had.  And I can think of no better sendoff than this great song from my favorite 1970s twin singing duo, Andy & David Williams.


Thanks & goodbye Toshy Blue, you will be missed

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