Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Be it ever so humble... welcome to Bonar Avenue

Well, here it is & here I am—typing from my new (well, new to me) apartment in Waynesburg, Pa.  My sister Shawn, her husband Jim & his older son Michael arrived at my place in Pittsburgh this past Friday with a U-Haul, and thanks to their very generous help (and my brother-in-law’s skills at assembling furniture—the dining set I bought from IKEA and the bookcases I got for my livingroom & bedroom were still in flat boxes) by Sunday morning there wasn’t a moving carton, bag or tool in sight. 

There’s still plenty to do, as the walls are mostly bare and I need to find a new armchair for the living room.  But the hard part is done, and I can’t thank Jim & Shawn enough.  To say I’m in their debt would be an understatement—I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for their help.









Steps leading upstairs to my apartment; the first door on the right & wow, artwork in the hallways—just like on tv

Here’s some pics of the place so far—it’s certainly not one of your more modern apartment buildings, but so what, it has a kitschy charm all it’s own. The owners seem kind and honest, and take great pride in the property. 


No more digital thermostats!  When I asked Sue (my landlord) how I adjust the heat this winter, she said “you turn the knob on your radiators on or off”


One of the two “industrial” bookcases my brother-in-law Jim assembled for me; doesn’t it look great?   (The other one is in the bedroom.)


My new couch was waiting for me the morning I moved in, thanks to my landlord who went to the furniture store & picked it up for me!  


My galley kitchen, sure do love all the windows in here—and a gas range, that’s a first for me


My new table & chairs from IKEA—I’m going back this weekend to get some seat cushions


I’m really digging the green-tile & pedestal sink, this puts my bath in Pittsburgh to shame


The bedroom, and everybody’s favorite room in the apartment—I’m not doing it justice, it’s twice as wide as seen here, with a large closet, dresser & another window on the opposite side

What’s ironic about moving here is how the other tenants see me; at my former place in Pittsburgh, the building had been overtaken by millennials, who regarded myself & three other tenants (Bill, Jim & Theresa) as the “old timers”.  Here, I’m currently the youngest tenant--as several of my new neighbors have let me know.  “Oh, you’re the young man from the city!”  Yep, that’s me.  Smile


  1. Hooray Doug! I'm digging the new digs and the place looks great. You can't beat IKEA and your landlord sounds super nice. Here's hoping the new group of neighbors provide some entertaining fodder for blog posts. :)

    1. Thanks very much Pam! Well, I don't think I'll be coming across another Uriel anytime soon, but my new neighbors sure are a nice bunch, several of them have welcomed me here--you can't beat small-town folks :)

  2. Good to see you moved in, comrade. Landlord sounds a decent cove. Disappointed not to see the Superpets wallpaper up yet, though...

    1. Haha--thanks Andrew! Well, to be honest I'll be lucky if they let me hang another picture on the wall, this guy runs a squeaky tight ship--I'll be writing about it soon enough I'm sure!



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