Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Big Short(s): From 44 to 40, and falling fast



Well, it was one year ago today that I purchased a couple pair of shorts for the summer from JCPenney.  I was relieved to finally have some pants that I could both button & breathe in, but was depressed over the fact they were a 44 waist. 44!  It was then that I knew I had to make a real change.

These 40w shorts got down there all on their own; so far, 42 lbs lost

By the end of the summer, I’d happily lost enough weight to squeeze into some 42 waist pants (but just barely).  Confident I’d be able to lose a little more, I bought 3 pair and gave those Memorial Day 44s to my neighbor Jim.

So here we are, a year later & the warm weather’s returned.  In April I pulled out my 42 waist shorts and was surprised at how big they’d gotten over the winter.  I should’ve been happier but doggone it they cost me $60.00 & I’d only worn one pair!  I gave ‘em to a friend’s brother, turned around & spent another $45.00 on 2 pair of 40 waist shorts.  A little snug, but still a good fit.  Six weeks until summer, I’m all set.

Well, I thought I was.  This past Friday I put on a pair of those 40 waist for the first time for a trip to the dentist (which is just a 10 minute walk from my apartment).  I felt them sliding down my hips along the way, thought this can’t be happening and then PLUP!  They almost fell right off!  Another step or two & they would’ve been down around my ankles.  I walked the rest of the way with the front of them bunched in my fist, in disbelief.   (That’s them, in the photo.)  I know that’s how some of these kids today wear them, but at my age just wearing flat-fronts is a gutsy move.

So now what.  I refuse to buy more pants, well, at least this summer.  (Besides I’ve seen where those people on ‘The Biggest Loser’ gain the weight back and I’m one pizza away from regaining 40 pounds.)  Maybe I can shrink these down some, I dunno—and that’s what belts are for, from what I’ve been told.  All I know is, I haven’t worn a 38 waist since the 1990s & can’t believe I could be headed in that direction.  But these shorts speak for themselves Smile

Hope everyone has a nice summer ahead


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