Hi, and welcome to my personal blog.  To be honest, this began as a place to share photos and memories with family (before sites like Facebook came along).  Then I discovered I liked to hear myself talk and the next thing you know...

Anyway, I'm no expert on music or cooking or pop culture, & I don't collect anything.  I'm just a single guy who enjoys writing and sharing stories about his life, and what's on his mind sometimes.

I live in Pittsburgh Pa, but grew up in Waynesburg Pa, a rural area approximately 60 miles south of the city.  I still have family there, so it will always be home.

I currently enjoy drawing, reading, writing, a little cooking, movies (did you see my movie review page?) science fiction, history, and naturally, all things Native American.     

Anyway--if there's anything you'd like to ask or share, l'd love to hear it.  (Just use the ‘Contact Me’ gadget in the right sidebar below Popular Posts.)   Thanks for dropping by!


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