Sunday, February 9, 2020

Already more than a month into 2020, and I’m still sitting here speechless…

It’s been 2 months since my last blog.  Where have I been?  Right here, reading others blogs, watching impeachment trials (and cowardly acquittals) on MSNBC, looking at cooking & van dwellers videos on Youtube and 70’s television shows on DVD (ah the good old days).  I’ve been doing very little writing and a whole lot of waiting to be myself again.

I’m mainly here right now to offer an earnest apology to the visitors of my blog who have been checking in, only to see the same old post.  (Also to push down that picture of my sister Shawn & other family from December, Shawn is tired of looking at it!) 

But the truth is, I’ve got nothing worthwhile to write about.  I’m still wrestling with this awful jaw disorder, both it (and the GOP Senate) have left me speechless.

After my last post, I made a promise to myself not to write anything more about my TMJD unless it was to report it was over, or on the mend.  But I can’t do that yet.  It’s now in it’s 14th month, and pretty much the only thing I can focus on.  I’ve seen some occasional glimmers of hope, followed by some rotten backslides.  It’s just left me feeling really defeated.

I thought about shutting my blog down for awhile, but I’ve seen enough bloggers do that, never to return.  I gotta believe I’ll get past this & back on my soapbox again.

So until then, if you stop by and notice a little dust on things… just know that your visit is very much appreciated, and hopefully I’ll be talking with you again soon.