Sunday, December 12, 2010

A long time ago, in a Christmas blog far, far away…


A couple days ago, my youngest sister Courtney sent some photos our way from her life in Florida.  It was sort of a big deal, as she doesn’t have an email address, let alone a computer. 

She said she plans to eventually, but it’s a reminder of how accustomed most of us are to staying in touch these days.  No one has seen Courtney since Dad’s funeral, ten years ago. 

My sister Courtney, 1977   

Seeing her face again though, especially at this time of year, reminded me of this early photo of her (at 2 years old), one of my all-time favorites.   Man, I am digging that yellow ottoman!

Courtney, today; I can’t believe she’s 35 years old, but she looks terrific


I thought I’d just share a few of “My Favorite Farmhouse Christmas Memories” to get my teepee in the holiday spirit. 

So without further ado…


1. Morning Mayhem—Mom, you never looked so good


Our beautiful mom with Donda & Shawn, Christmas morning, 1971

Mom scrimped and saved all year long for us, and had her shopping done by Thanksgiving.  We got her up at 5am and she still managed to look this good!   



2.  Nothing says “I love the Seventies” like this


I love this picture—Donda is pretty as…well, a picture and if you examine it close enough you’ll find a ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ doll, ‘Starsky & Hutch’ puzzle, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ board game & wait what’s on the floor beside her?   I’m not sure but it has ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ on the cover!  



3.  Holiday Smackdown from Grandma 


Dad & Grandma Morris, Christmas Eve, 1972.  We are truly blessed.  Not only is it Christmas tomorrow, but it's snowing heavily outside, Grandma is trapped here for the duration and being a Friday night, ‘Brady Bunch’ is on the tube.  

  • GRANDMA:  Oh no, we're not gonna watch this fool show are we...oh Lord have mercy.
  • DOUG:  Grandma, what the--
  • MOM:  May, I'm with you.  But these kids never miss it.
  • GRANDMA:  Oh I hate those foolish Bradys.  I really do.
  • GRANDMA:  I'm sorry McDougall, but it's Christmas and those Bradys aren't wrapped too tight!

  • 4.  You have your space, and I have mine


    Here’s a picture of my brother Steve with his holiday plunder; when we came down those steps Christmas morning, we didn’t look under the tree—we looked for our section of the livingroom!  “Shawn your pile is the couch, left side!  Steve, yours is the big chair!”  If it was wrapped & under the tree, it could wait. 


    5.  One picture says a thousand words—or fifty

    My first Christmas with a big money gift

    What can I say?  When you’re a fifteen year old getting a $4.00 weekly allowance, a fifty dollar bill was like winning the lottery!  Of course, Shawn’s earnest expression of happiness here (for me) is the best thing in this picture.


    Well, like I said--this is just a goofy sampling of those years.  As for now, I’m just happy to see my little sister Courtney again, and know she’s well.


    Merry Christmas, Courtney