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In 2008 I began reviewing new movies.  The latest ones are below, before I move them to one of these links (click on genre), graded A to F--best to worst!

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June (2024) From her antics as a sweet hillbilly on the Grand Old Opry in the 1950s, to her third marriage to Johnny Cash to wanting to produce a solo album in the 1990s (she did, twice, both winning Grammys) this is June Carter Cash’s big life and love story.  (I did not know she wrote Ring of Fire.)  Her death in 2003 broke many hearts, none harder than Johnny Cash.  He died 3 months later.  What a special lady.  My grade: A

FAQ About Time Travel (2010) Shortly after 3 chums meet at a pub, a young woman claiming to be from the future tells one she’s a huge fan, he’ll be famous someday.  But she’s there to fix a “time leak” which the boys scoff at but soon discover is true in the grimy bathroom—after they emerge to bleak futures, or versions of themselves.  This started out with promise, but after awhile… eh.  Let’s wrap it up, boys.  My grade: C Plus

You Hurt My Feelings (2024) Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a writer in NYC who’s dealing with an annoying adult son, a mother showing signs of dementia and a therapist husband who she overheard say he couldn’t stand her latest work to her sisters husband.  Everyone will plod along, plod along… eventually they’ll make things right, in this low-key little comedy drama. It’s a bore, but has Julia.  My grade: C

Past Lives (2023)  At 12 years old, Na Young and Hae Sung are inseparable.  But Na is immigrating to America, and she won’t see or talk to Hae again for 12 years, until one night on Facebook.  She’s Nora now, living in New York and he’s in Korea.  They’ll talk and laugh until Nora says no more.  And then another 12 years pass... This is as honest & gentle as they come.  It’s a real love story for what might’ve and should've been.  (Korean-English)  My grade: A

Jules (2023) Ben Kingsley leads a quiet life as an old man & widower in a small Pa town.  And then one night a flying saucer crashes into his backyard.  He calls 911, but they hang up on him—he tells a bored town council, but is ignored.  Hmm, says two old ladies with nothing better to do.  They’re all about to get the experience of a lifetime in this senior-funny, gentle story.  It’s dear & sweet.  My grade: B Plus

Blue Beetle (2023) Jaime Reyes is a young Mexican, fresh out of college and looking for a job when he is chosen by an ancient scarab to be outfitted with a blue ‘Iron Man’ suit of armor, loaded with fantastic CGI weapons.  But Kord Industries (Susan Sarandon) wants to harness its power for her army of robot soldiers.  Jaime’s Latino family to the rescue!  A stamped out superhero movie with real ethnic flavor.  Still…  My grade: B-

Strays (2023) After Doug (Will Forte) abandons his dog in a city 3 hours away, little Reggie (voiced by Will Farrell) will make friends with other strays, who promise to help him find his way home—so he can bite Doug’s d—k off.  Done with real dogs antics, I enjoyed all the ad-libbing.  It’s silly but funny, often gross, always crude—this is NOT for children, you’ve been warned!  My grade: B

aka Mr. Chow (2023) The son of a celebrated Beijing opera singer, his mother sent Michael Chow to London in the 1950s to make a name for himself.  Did he ever.  He was “the Chinese guy” in a long list of action & spy movies in the 1960s-70s, before creating “Mr. Chow”, 2 restaurants on the East & West coasts with A-list clientele.  Now in his 80s, a reknown artist as well in this bigger than life documentary. My grade: A

The Lesson (2023)  An acclaimed writer and his wife hire Liam (Daryl McCormack), a strikingly handsome English major and early novelist to tutor their son Bertie to help get him in an Ivy league school.  But the father has recently completed his latest novel and is trying to pull Liam into his things as well.  Why?  It’s a pretty dry suspense, but told with real elegance and class; you shouldn’t mind sticking things out.  My grade: B

The Inspection (2022) Ellis is a young black man who lives on the streets because he’s gay and has nothing except a mom who despises him.  He’ll join the Marines but if Boot Camp wasn’t torture enough, the guys in his platoon will soon learn who he is too. When you have no one to turn to… stay the course.  That’s what Ellis will do in this proud & riveting drama.  I love A24 films.  My grade: A

Adrienne (2021) On Oct 31 2006, a woman had a Halloween party for her 2 year old Sophie. The next day she was found hanging in her shower. Police ruled it a suicide but her family demanded the case be reopened, and a killer was caught.  Who was she?  Adrienne Shelly, who just finished writing, directing & starring in Waitress, starring Keri Russell.  (I blogged about the movie in 2007.)  And this is her husband’s tribute to her. It’s huge, surprising and heartbreaking.  My grade: A

The Lodge (2020) After the death of their mom, Mia & Aiden’s dad wants the family to spend Christmas at their wintry cabin with his new girlfriend Grace—a former patient who once belonged to a religious cult and now it’s sole survivor after a mass suicide.  But when an emergency calls him away, his sullen kids want no part of her.  Can they trick her into thinking she’s crazy?  Sadly, yes.  This moves at a snail's pace, as it slowly fills you with fright.  My grade: B Plus

JFK: What the Doctors Saw (2023) In 2013, the doctors (still living) who worked on JFK after his shooting in 1963 gathered to compare personal notes in this jarring but critically acclaimed documentary.  According to them, Oswald wasn't the president's assassin.  And trust me, seeing is believing.  WARNING: this doc contains highly graphic photos of JFK immediately after his assassination.  His shocked stare will stay with me for a long time.  My grade: A

Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (2023) Albert Brooks sits with (best friend) Rob Reiner as they discuss Albert’s career, from his 1930s Hollywood parents to his stand-up in high school to comedy clubs, the Tonight Show, movies & Disney voice-overs. Lots of big-name comics like Chris Rock, David Letterman and Larry David cut in to sing his praises.  So how do the rest of us feel aout him?  Meh… My grade: B

Disquiet (2023) After a horrific car accident, Sam awakens in an abandoned hospital, terrorized by a crazed old man.  Soon there are other menacing figures, and patients like himself too.  He’ll bash, smash and crash his way to… what?  We get it, the hospital is a metaphor for life, death… not even it knows.  This was 1 hour and 23 minutes of utter nonsense.  The worst thriller I’ve ever seen.  My grade: F

Uncut Gems (2019) Adam Sandler (in a strong dramatic role) is a sleazy New Yawk jeweler and sports gambler, on the run from shady lenders but convinced he’s gonna win soon, and win big.  His ex and teenage kids want nothing to do with him, but he’ll show them and those mobsters too, just wait!  A frantic story from the first minute to the last, don’t forget to exhale at it’s surprising, sudden end.  My grade: B

Milli Vanilli (2023) In 1989, a record producer spotted 2 handsome young men with long braids who were dancers and style setters, and offered them pop stardom.  They became superstars instead, in this eye opening documentary of their rise & fall.  I remember their story but forgot their fame, and didn't know how talented they were.  In the end, what did they do but entertain?  This ends with love and hope, for one at least.  My grade: A

The Day The Music Died (2023) From the tragedy befalling Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens to the 1960s and Vietnam, Don McLean was inspired to create ‘American Pie’, a rock n’ roll anthem.  And now, 50 years later, giants like Brian Wilson & Garth Brooks pay wonderful tributes to this humble artist, with fascinating trivia and much, much love.  When Ritchie Valens sister approached an elderly McLean and thanked him for immortalizing her brother... whew.  My grade: A Plus

Pet Sematary (2019) When a family’s cat is run over, their neighbor confides to the dad of a secret burial ground that brings pets back to life, “just not quite right”.  It works—so what will the dad do when one of his children is killed in an auto accident?  Based on a Stephen King masterpiece, it’s a chiller alright but told differently and way too fast.  This ending though… it’s so horrific it’s almost laughable.  Read the book!  My grade: B-

The Fire That Took Her (2023) On Aug 2 2015, a young mother was doused with gasoline and set on fire by her abusive boyfriend.  Even with a lengthy criminal record, a sickened judge could only sentence him to 11 years as Judy lay in severe pain and disfigurement.  Could anything be done to change the law & lengthen his sentence?  Yes.  By who?  By Judy, in this heartbreaking documentary of abuse and the pursuit of real change.  My grade: A

Lamb (2022) Ingvar and Maria are a childless couple, with a mountain top sheep farm.  One day while helping deliver lambs, they’ll stare at one in wonder, then rush it inside their house.  Why?  They’ll raise it as a little girl, while the lambs mother bleats outside their window.  A price will be paid for their actions in this strange, tender yet tragic drama.  I love A24 Films.  (Icelandic)  My grade: B Plus

MEN (2022) After the horrific death of her husband James, Harper will get away to an estate in the English countryside.  She’ll encounter Geoffrey (the owner), a strange boy with a mask, a sadistic vicar and obscene naked man in the forest, culminating in a night of grotesque horrors and a strange, artsy ending.  I don’t like all the metaphors at play here, but I do enjoy suspense & good acting.  And I love A24 films. My grade: B Plus

The Flash (2023) When The Flash learns he can break the time barrier, he’ll go back and prevent his mom’s death.  But doing so doesn't just change history, it warps it--goodbye Superman, hello Superwoman!  Michael Keaton is Batman once more and there's a teenage version of himself with no speed powers.  Anymore surprises?  Oh just wait!  Funny, frantic and filled with drama & razzle dazzle spectacle, I loved every amazing minute of it.  My grade: A

Pearl (2022) It’s 1918, and while WWI rages in Europe, a wistful farm girl sings and dances across the screen, dreaming of a life as a chorus girl in silent pictures. (The giant opening credits & lush score earn this movie an A on their own—it’s magnificent stuff.)  But a vicious mother and a snapped mind stand in Pearl’s way, in this macabre painting of Americana, and vintage, grotesque horror.  Lord!  My grade: A

Red Rocket (2021) “Do you have any work experience?” “Yes I’ve done 2000 films and won 6 awards!”  Mikey Saber is a washed up porn actor who returns to his redneck Texas hometown, looking to start over.  He’s going to learn the real world isn’t some hilariously awful porn movie, but if he can con one young woman… Raunchy, morally offensive & surprisingly good, this is Midnight Cowboy in reverse.  I love A24 Films.  My grade: A Plus

The Whale (2022) Brendan Fraser is morbidly obese; so much so he seems to know he doesn't have long to live.  He’ll try to reconnect to his 16 year old daughter, but she despises him as he walked out of her life when she was 8 years old (for a younger man).  Now he spends his days slobbering down junk food and crying to his visitors how sorry he is, and I believe him—but how much colossal dreariness can one person take?  It's a pretty glum watch.  My grade: B

The Fablemans (2022) Steven Spielberg wrote and directed this thinly veiled glimpse of his childhood, early filmmaking and foray into young adulthood in the 1960s.  Michelle Williams (as his eccentric mother) steals the show, she’s so good; but the rest is a pretty bland slice of suburban Americana.  It’s pleasant and watchable enough, but was Steven’s young life really movie-worthy?  My grade: B Plus

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) Evelyn Wang and her milquetoast hubby are being audited by (a ferociously comic) Jamie Lee Curtis at the IRS when Evelyn finds herself in 2 places at the same time.  In another universe her husband is battling their daughter who is all things evil, and using Evelyn Wangs from multi-universes to do it.  Hectic and nonsensical, I applaud the ingenuity but its exhausting.  Best Picture indeed.  My grade: B B B- C+ A- B

Far From the Madding Crowd (2015) Set in the Victorian countryside, Carey Mulligan is heartachingly dear as Bethesda Everdeen, recent inheritor of her uncle’s farm.  She’ll soon have 3 suitors asking for her hand in marriage—a shepherd, a neighboring farmer and a soldier in the Queen’s Army.  Her choice will affect all, in this wonderful story of love and sorrow and love reborn.  My heart is stolen.  My grade: A

Aftersun (2022) 11 year old Sophie is overjoyed to be on holiday with her young dad Calum at a seaside resort; they’ll spend the week exploring shops, playing pranks on other guests, swimming & dancing.  Sometimes at night Calum will sit on his bed and cry while Sophie’s asleep, why?  20 years later, Soph will stare at treasured things from their week together and wonder, in this sweet, wistful drama.   My grade: B

Renfield (2023) After 100 years as Dracula’s servant, Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) wants to be a good person again.  He’ll get his chance when a cop (Awkafina) tries to take down a crime family on her own and could use some help in this spectacular, comedy horror gore-fest.  My God I loved this—and Nicholas Cage is fiendishly supreme as the evil, toothy vampyre.  He is a genius, truly—and the Dark Master!  My grade: A

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) 13 years after the blockbuster Avatar, Earth’s military returns to the planet Pandora for its resources—and a military general mad with revenge for events in the first movie.  For all it’s gorgeous spectacle, it felt childish and I couldn’t help thinking “been there done that”.  It was astounding in 2009, now it’s more of the same.  It’s still worthy of praise, but.. I don’t need to see it again.  My grade: A-

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed (2023) Born Roy Fitzgerald in the midwest, he would find huge success in Hollywood.  But he was loved by so many, critics included, everyone turned a blind eye towards his extreme gay lifestyle.  (But seeing the home movies of his swimming pool filled with dozens of naked men—yikes!)  More time capsule than tribute, it’s an astounding look back at the man—and of the AIDS timeline he helped make public.  My grade: A

A Man Called Otto (2022) After he’s forced into retirement, 65 year old widower Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) fashions some rope into a noose.  He’s had enough.  It won’t be easy to end things though, a young Spanish woman and her family just moved in across the street and plan to make him a member of their family whether he likes it not.  Filmed in my neighborhood, this was sweet, gently funny and low-key as one can get.  A nice story.  My grade: B for Bellevue

Being Mary Tyler Moore (2023) From her days as Holly Hotpoint in the 1950s to being discovered by Carl Reiner for The Dick Van Dyke Show to even wider fame with her own show in the 1970s, this 2 hour documentary is a feast for the senses if you’re a fan of MTM.  From never before seen home movies to lost interviews to more private moments recorded by her husband, what more can I say.  It’s superb.  We love you Mary.  My grade: A Plus

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) Helen Mirren & Lucy Liu were probably paid a small fortune to portray the daughters of Atlas, who come to Earth for the Godlike powers the wizard Shazam took from them—Zachary Levi and his foster sibs (the Marvel Family) to the rescue!  Bursting at the seams with CGI and touchy-feely moments, it doesn’t have the funny charm of the original; but if you’re under 13, you’ll dig it for sure.  My grade: B  (stophere 2/18)

Reality (2023) With a script copied right out of the FBI’s audio recordings, Sydney Sweeney is excellent as Reality Winner, a quiet National Security clerk suspected of something serious.  It’s pretty light on story for something so big on secrets—but for what she’s suspected of doing, guilty or innocent, I couldn’t help admiring her for her convictions.  It leaves much to think about.  My grade: B

The Hole in the Ground (2023) Shortly after Sarah (a young Irish mom) discovers a hole in the ground in the woods behind her house (the size of a football field) she begins noticing changes in her 8 year old son Chris.  Well, it doesn’t help that a crazy lady who lives nearby insists he isn’t her boy.  What will Sarah discover when she begins peeping thru her son’s keyhole?  Horror, in this murky, chilling story.  I love A24 films.  My grade: B Plus

Clock (2023) Ella is happily married, a successful decorator… but she’s 38 and has no children and no desire for one.  But wait--there’s an experimental clinic that claims they can start her biological clock.  And boy do they ever, in this horror tale about women, for women.  It had real promise at the start, before taking a grotesque turn.  Will we ever accept ourselves for who we are?  No.  My grade: C

Inside (2023) Williem DaFoe is an art thief who finds himself trapped when he breaks into a billionaire’s hi-tech penthouse.  Piercing alarms will sound, but no cops.  Instead the water will shut off, tv screens will turn garbled and temps will rise past 100F, or drop to freezing.  As the days pass and DaFoe struggles with his survival and very sanity, the definition of art will take on a whole new meaning.  It’s a tedious, brutal watch.  My grade: B-

Land of Gold (2023) Karin is an Indian long-haul truck driver, who discovers he has a stowaway—a chirpy 10 year old Mexican girl named Elena who pleads for Karin to take her to Boston and her uncle.  They’ll become friends, with Kiran’s wife & mom too via his smartphone and Facetime along the way.  What will Elena find in Boston?  Family, in this gentle story of survival, caring and friendship.    My grade: B

Love to Love You, Donna Summer (2023) Knowing she was meant for great things, Donna moved to NYC in 1968 at the age of 19 and was discovered by the producers for HAIR.  From there she became a pop star in Germany before coming up with her own ‘disco sound’.  She worked hard for the money, but it took her from her family for years, in this doc focusing more on personal reflection than her reign as Queen of Disco.  RIP, Donna.  My grade: B

Resurrection (2023) Margaret (Rebecca Hall) is a successful executive & single mom to an 18 year old daughter.  And then one day she sees Tim Roth in the city.  Gasping, she’ll run away.  Who is he?  A man from her own tortured 18 year old past. Madness will soon take over things, pushing her friends and daughter away, culminating in heaving, sobbing buckets of lunacy.  My God, this is a brilliant but bloody horror show.  Turn away, if you can.  My grade: A

Knock at the Cabin (2023) In M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, a gay couple and their daughter are confronted at their summer cabin by 4 strangers carrying some pretty nasty weapons—and asked to choose which one of them will die.  Why?  Oh, for strange, earth-shattering reasons of course.  Interesting premise, even if that ending was conventional, predictable.  Very talky, it would’ve made a fine tv movie in 1978.  My grade: B-

Bad Therapy (2020) Alicia Silverstone & Rob Corddry have an okay marriage, but decide to visit a therapist anyway to make things even better—a big mistake, like this dud.  Listen, this is a boring, jumbled mess (Rotten Tomatoes gave it 7%.)  But I DID like Alicia’s manic, off-kilter character.  She is funny, and should be doing comedies again, good ones.  My grade: D

Champions (2023) After getting a DUI, Woody Harrelson (an assistant coach for an Iowa basketball team) loses his job and is sentenced to 18 months in jail—or 90 days coaching a local basketball team of intellectually disabled adults.  Okay we’ve all seen this story a dozen times before, but it doesn’t make this any less charming or funny.  Woody’s a natural and so is his team, and even it’s semi-corny ending caught me off guard.  In a good way.  My grade: A

Ingrid Goes West (2017) After spraying mace in the face of a social media star she was stalking (and spending time in a mental institution), Aubrey Plaza is smitten with a new influencer—Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen) in California.  She’ll empty her life savings and head west, and how she meets Olsen is demented & genius.  They’ll become friends, but Aubrey’s sack of cash is emptying fast, now what?  Plead your case to the world Aubrey, in this dark, too real comedy.  My grade: A

80 for Brady (2023) It’s Superbowl 2017, and 4 die-hard Patriot (and Tom Brady) fans are determined to get to Texas to see the game.  Seeing as they’re 80 year olds Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field (who reminds us she’s only 75), methinks they’ll get there—and maybe help Brady win.  It’s pretty geriatric stuff, even for them—but as long as they keep acting, I’ll keep watching!  My grade: C

Sundown (2022) Tim Roth is on holiday in Mexico with his sister and adult niece & nephew, when news of a family tragedy summons them back to London.  Well, all except Tim who claims he’s lost his passport.  He didn’t.  He doesn’t want to leave.  His sister will demand answers.  He has none.  This will ultimately cause more tragedy, and he’ll feel sorrowful.  But he’s still not leaving, in this very quiet, very intense little drama.  My grade: B

Watcher (2022) Jule’s husband lands an advertising job in Bucharest, so they leave NY; but he works long hours and only Romanian is spoken there, so Jules feels pretty alone.  Well, except for the silouhette behind the gauzy curtains in the apartment window opposite their own.  Waving to her, no less.  Whew—this movie is steeped in some real atmosphere.  Be patient and enjoy the chilling ride to it's end.  My grade: B Plus

Next Exit (2022) After it’s determined(?) the soul lives on after death, two dreary, depressed twentysomethings Rose & Teddy go in together on a rental car to die at a monitored-suicide facility in San Francisco.  From there this 20 hour road trip feels like a 20 hour movie, it’s so gray and mind numbingly boring.  Christ I’m angry, life is too short for dirge like this.  My grade: D

Finding Michael (2023) When Spencer was 10 years old, his 22 year old brother Mike died atop Mount Everest.  23 years later. Spence is a husband & father with 3 kids of his own—and gets a message that Mike’s body may have been detected up there.  He’ll alert his mom and recruit a team to climb Everest and bring Mike home.  What will he find up there?  The opportunity to do something good, in this heartfelt documentary.  My grade: B

Spaceship Earth (2020) In 1991, as the world looked on, 8 people in blue jumpsuits entered a large biosphere where they’d be quarantined for 2 years.  But their origins were equally amazing, as ambitious counterculturists in the 1960s backed by a far out Texas billionaire.  So what happened & where are they now?  You’ll see it all here in this documentary of a mostly forgotten but pricey piece of hippie history.  My grade: B

DC League of Super Pets (2022) Lex Luthor locates orange kryptonite in space and brings it to Earth, thinking it will give him powers.  It won’t, but will empower animals in a local pet shop—including a guinea pig with dreams of world domination.  With Pixar animation and a VERY funny story, I laughed at this from the first minute to the last.  Keanu Reeves as Batman & Natasha Lyonne as Super Turtle… genius.  What a super surprise, I loved this.  My grade: A

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) Tom Cruise returns as Capt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in this far superior sequel to the 1986 original.  A test pilot all these years, Tom’s ordered back to Top Gun to train recruits for a deadly mission—including his godson (Miles Teller). With Cruise giving 110%, and real jets in flight (no CGI), this was a real tribute to it’s 1980s predecessor (I watched the night before).  But please Academy… this is not a Best Picture.  My grade: B Plus

M3gan (2023) After 9 year old Cady’s parents die in an auto accident, she goes to live with her Aunt Gemma.  Gemma is cool, she’s a tech-toy inventor who’s built a 4 foot girl robot, Megan.  The two will bond immediately, so what if Megan is built of titanium and has a creepy smirk?  Just don’t upset Cady you bad dog and neighborhood bully… too late!  This was predictable as hell, but the workmanship was first-rate, I'll give it that.  My grade: B