Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When it comes to people, places & things… I keep holding onto time



I sure have enjoyed the last couple weeks; in fact, this has been one of the nicest springs in Pittsburgh that I can remember. This past Sunday I spent the day with my sister Shawn & my niece Sophie. We had a fine time touring her neighbor's house, eating taco salad & cherry pie, climbing trees & feeding ducks.

(And the nicest part was, I didn't have to spend any time debating the pros & cons of being a potential homeowner. I admit it, I'm having a tough time with this.)  




Sophie & me in her backyard; she sure is a good listener...

For anyone who's been following this little saga, the townhouse at Timberidge was a big let-down. Shawn & I looked at several properties in fact, but they were for the most part overpriced, shoddily built & cramped. Why go to the trouble of constructing a two-story home with a livingroom that isn't wide enough for a sofa?

Well, truth be told I was almost relieved; I just didn't feel comfortable moving that far south of everything I know. On the ride home, we were discussing how nice my present neighborhood is, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to find something here if I could. I'm only minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, & everything is within walking distance--my doctor, dentist, barber.  Also, restaurants, drugstore, groceries, they're all here too.  So the following week, I revisited the condo at the Summit (with my sister & niece in tow). I was surprised how enthusiastic Shawn was about the place, she saw the potential there immediately. 

I'm just not sure how crazy I am about it, but there's no denying the location is perfect. On the other hand, so is my apartment. I need to make a decision, and soon.  Meanwhile…



Mom, lower right in red with her coworkers from Fishers Big Wheel

When I got home from work one day last week, I was surprised to hear a message my sister Donda had left me on my phone. She said she'd had a sad Mothers Day thinking about our Mom, and must've watched the video I'd made of Mom 50 times.

I'm sure she was exaggerating some, but it was still a sad & thoughtful thing to say.  She added that her own daughter (my niece Drew) had made her own Mother's Day feel special, but still... well, this may be belated but Happy Mother’s Day, mom.


Donda just sent me this picture of Drew today; isn't she beautiful?

I don't have anything new to add here, other than I know just how she feels. It's been nearly 4 1/2 years now since Mom left us, and it still feels like it only happened this past Christmas. How in the world have we all gotten by this long without her? No, I really mean it--how?


Mom’s laugh, her smile, her love of crafts and nature and family...it's all missed, by all of us.  And I miss our friendship more than anything.