Friday, September 3, 2010

You are woman, I am man--it wasn’t always this way, but these things happen

kirk and Janice Lester--switching

The Star Trek episode “Turnabout Intruder” was memorable for two things: it was the final episode of Star Trek (choke) and it was the one where Captain Kirk became a woman. 

Yeah, he really did; Dr. Janice Lester (an old flame from Kirk's Starfleet Academy days) has lucked upon some ancient alien technology that allows her to trade bodies with Kirk against his will. 

Janice now had command of the Enterprise, and Kirk found himself in a lovely pink and black caftan, looking somewhat bewildered.

Janice_Lester_as_KirkCaptain Kirk filing his nails?  That can only mean one thing!

Fortunately, the effects were temporary, and I have to admit Sandra Smith (as Dr. Janice Lester) made a much more convincing Kirk trapped in a woman’s body than William Shatner in his attempt to play a vengeful woman pretending to be Captain Kirk.  (Did you get all that?)

The reason this particular episode comes to mind is because very recently, an old friend of mine resurfaced, apologized for not being around for the last year or so--and explained she’d been using the time away to become a woman.  He--I mean she--wasn't joking.  If it was anyone else, I'd suspect I was being punk'd, but I've known Robin for about five years and she isn’t the kidding type.

Robin in her former life with William Shatner—that’s right, Captain Kirk


How we became friends is precisely because of Star Trek; we met several years ago on an online discussion board and had a tongue-in-cheek competition of who was 'Trek Master'.  I had a library of custom dvd Trek boxes; Robin had a lifesize bust of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard as Locutus of Borg.  (If you're not a Trek fan, nevermind.)  And then one day Robin posted this photo and I knew I'd lost the battle; you can't compete for the title of Trek Master with someone hanging with William Shatner. 

I think the only thing more surprising to me than Robin's sex change was the blasé attitude from some of the other guys we share & exchange thoughts with.  It's an intelligent group of men for the most part, but they took this in stride without a second thought.  Meanwhile I am still trying to get my head around it.  Seeing Robin share thoughts like "I will admit that a lot of this transition has been pretty fun. Women have so many more clothing options than men do! I'm finding shopping for clothing a pleasure now, where once I found it one of the most odious of chores"  and "Taking a week off of work, and returning the next Monday wearing make-up, jewelry and a skirt, not to mention sporting freshly dyed and permed hair... now, that was a day I'll never forget!"  

I can’t imagine.  (No, really—I tried, and I can’t!)

Robin today, looking good!  I admire both her courage & openness

The important thing here is how Robin feels of course, and I have to say that she seems like a happier person now.  As a man, Robin sometimes seemed closed off.  Now she's talkative, cheerful & even referred to me recently as "schnookie-lumps"?! 

This is not the Robin I once knew, but I say that in a good way. 

(Of course, she is still hanging onto that bust of Captain Picard; when I offered to take it off her hands recently, she told me to take a hike.) 

Well, I suppose if legions of fans could accept Kirk's feminine side, let alone Captain Picard being assimilated by the Borg, I can handle my friend in her new role as a woman.   Live long and prosper, Robin.DC17796lg