Thursday, December 21, 2017

Oh, fudge! Politics, my jaw and this tasty box of treats on my dining room table


Yesterday was much like any other day—got out of bed, stumbled into the bathroom, plodded into the kitchen, glugged down a glass of water and 2 baby aspirin, made a cup of coffee, came into the livingroom, turned on my tv to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and shook my head in disgust at the latest going ons in Washington.  This was a particularly memorable morning as Joe & company angrily reported the GOP’s tax bill had passed overnight (by a weaselly GOP Senate at 1am no less), just another knife in the back of America—well, every American who isn’t a zillionaire in this perverse, twisted Kingdom of Trump.

As much I wanted to sit here and bask in their outrage, I had to clean myself up and head up the street to my dentist’s office.  I was having a mold taken of my wonky lower jaw for a new oral appliance ($370, not covered by insurance, why not!) as my TMD returned shortly after Thanksgiving.  It’s not quite as bad as last year where I was checking myself into the ER, but it’s still putting a real damper on things.  (For the record, it sorta feels like a couple pennies have been shoved up my nose while I was busy chewing on a couple of roofing nails, pointy side in.)  I’m actually not surprised it returned, given it’s the holiday season—it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  ANYWAY, I got home from the fitting around noon and turned on my tv just in time to see Speaker Paul Ryan talking about Trump’s White House being an “exquisite presidency”.  As I stood there slack-jawed in shock & disbelief—my God, this man didn’t just sell his soul to the devil, he gift-wrapped it!  I heard a loud THUMP at my front door and thought “if that’s a Republican, I’ll kill them.”  

No one was there, but on my doorstep was a package from my sister Donda, all the way from South Carolina, with a holiday tin of homemade fudge & other goodies—cooked up by her happy fudgemaker husband Bobby and my niece Drew.  Thanks very much, guys.  It’s a nice reminder of happier holiday seasons and makes everything happening right now a bit easier to swallow.  Smile

Merry Christmas & God Bless Help Us, Everyone