Saturday, May 21, 2016

General Tso’s Chicken again? Yes, cuz this time I’m doing it right


A year ago, I did a post titled ‘General Tso’s Chicken in a Bag’ (you can click here to read it).  My sister berated me when she saw it:  “You did a cooking blog about a frozen skillet meal??”  I responded it wasn’t a cooking post, but a Food Review—for single guys like me, who don’t do a lot of cooking!  But I knew she was right.

Heck, it wasn’t even that great.  The frozen chicken niblets included in the bag weighed all of 1 ounce, and were the size of fingernails.  Fingernails!   I made a promise to myself that someday I’d cook this dish from scratch & redeem myself.

So a couple weeks ago when my friend Corinne posted a recipe for General Tso’s Chicken on Facebook I KNEW IT WAS TIME.  I actually didn’t follow it word for word, I omitted the Homasin sauce, used lemon juice instead of lime, Hot Chili Oil instead of red pepper flakes & doubled the sauce ingredients.  (I like my General Tso’s with SAUCE.)  So here we go!

ApacheDug’s General Tso’s Chicken


Canola (or vegetable) oil, chicken broth, onion, soy sauce, 2-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, Hot Chili Oil (or red pepper flakes), minced garlic, lime (or lemon) juice, honey, broccoli florets, sliced carrots, flour, cornstarch—and don’t forget the rice Smile


I cut up 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts into one inch cubes, dredged them in corn starch, shook ‘em off, dredged again in flour then sprinkled on a little salt & pepper and sizzled them in a pan with 1/2 inch of canola oil for 10 minutes until golden brown.


Draining the first batch of chicken on a paper towel… I think a taste-test is in order…


The original recipe says to drain the pan, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil & some red pepper flakes.  I DIDN’T DO THAT.  I drained, then added 3 tablespoons of Hot Chili Oil, let it sizzle, then stirred in 3 cloves of minced garlic and let it cook for 2-3 minutes until you can really smell that garlic.

Next I stirred in: 1 cup chicken broth, 4 tablespoons lemon juice, 6 tablespoons soy sauce & 6 tablespoons honey. I let that simmer for 10 minutes. It looks like hellfire in there!


Now you have to thicken the sauce; blend 3 tablespoons of corn starch to 3 tablespoons of cold water, slowly pour the milky liquid into the pot, stirring all the while.


(Meanwhile in a separate pot, I cooked 1 cup rice with 2 cups water for 15-20 minutes, it looks like it’s done.) 


Back to the big pot—now that my sauce has thickened, I stirred in 2 cups sliced carrots, 2 cups broccoli florets & one onion, quartered.  (The original recipe doesn’t call for the onion, but I’m telling you—it makes all the difference!)

I cover & let cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.  Add the cooked chicken pieces, mix it up & let it heat thru for another 3-4 minutes.

Put down a nice bed of rice on your plate, spoon the mixture on top.  You’ve got some real General Tso’s Chicken from scratch!


Bon Appetit!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

You know what they say about karma...

The hardware store up the street from my apartment got in some hanging baskets today, so I walked up there this morning to get one. They had them all lined up on the sidewalk, geraniums & poppies and each wrapped in plastic.

I’m going down the row, hunched over & looking down into the tops of each basket to see which one looked the nicest when.... BONK! Shelly, the blind woman with a cane (that I once blogged about here) walked right into me from behind & knocked me on my butt. SHE DIDN’T EVEN STOP TO SEE IF I WAS ALRIGHT, SHE’S A HIT & RUN PEDESTRIAN.

One of my friends said she probably could see—if so, I guess I had it coming.  I got a nice plant for my patio though! 

Be back soon…