Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tonight’s Early Bird Special from ApacheDug’s Bachelor Man Kitchen

Tonight’s dinner.  (Tonight is a relative term, I eat between 4:30-5pm.) 

On the menu is my “Oven Baked but tastes like Fried” chicken (psst my secret is smoked paprika and my recipe can be found right here), cucumber slices with a creamy homemade dressing (mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, cracked pepper & minced onion) and finally buffalo rice with a splash of hot sauce & red peppers.

I usually reserve my cooking for the weekend and have much simpler fare Monday thru Thursday, but it’s been so chilly and gray today, and then I heard about the passing of Loretta Lynn and fried chicken (or my version of it) just felt right.   

What are you having for dinner?  Nerd smile

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Saturday night is the lemoniest night of the week

For as long as I can remember, Saturday night has been Ice Cream night in my house.  (Sometimes Friday too, just saying.)  Not this Saturday though, I forgot to buy any and I’m out.  What to do?

I looked at the ingredients in my cupboard to make cookies, but saw I didn’t have enough flour.  What about a mug cake?  I found a recipe online, but I’ve got no vanilla.

But I DO have lemon juice in the fridge, and some pretty potent lemon extract too. 

Lemony Mug Cake


  • 3 Tbsp All-purpose Flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3 Tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1 Large Egg  
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1/4 tsp lemon extract
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp Powdered Sugar


Combine the flour, granulated sugar & baking powder in a small bowl (not the mug you’ll be cooking it in). 

Add the egg, oil, lemon juice & extract, mix the ingredients well with a fork.  

Spray a mug (a large coffee mug) with non-stick cooking spray.  

Pour mix into mug and microwave on High for 90 seconds.  If you have a lower wattage microwave like I do (mine is 700 watts) cook 15 seconds more, around 1 minute 45 seconds but no longer.  It will make your cake rubbery.

Eat from the mug or plop it on a plate and sprinkle generously with powdered sugar.  

I’m enjoying mine as I type this with a cup of cold milk.  Smile


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Girls & couches: I mean, girls and my couches thru the years

This past weekend, I had out my old laptop and was looking at some photos, and at my different sofas thru the years, and girls that sat on those sofas. 

Since I don’t have anything worth blogging about at the moment… let’s take a quick look back.

1. Rebecca and my denim corduroy couch, early 1990s

This is Rebecca, who I went to high school with in the 1970s and worked with in the early 1980s.  We became good friends, and a few years after I left our hometown to find my fortune in the big city, she came up to pay me a visit.

This was my second place in the city, my first “real” apartment with my own furniture and no roommates. 

(Sadly I had to give up this apartment and find a new place when the owner went on the lam for various criminal activities and deserted the property.)

Anyway, It’s been 25 years since I last spoke to Becky, I can’t believe we didn’t keep in touch.  The last I heard, she married a minister and moved to the South.  I hope she’s happy.

2. Rossi and the same corduroy couch, circa 1992

This is Rossi, who I dated for approximately a year.  She was a doll!  But she had strict rules on how men should behave, and over time it drove me nuts.

Do you remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Kindergarten Cop?   We were at the show, I was laughing my fool head off at those kids in the movie and Rossi nudged me and whispered “Real men don’t find this funny.”  I said “That does it” and got up and walked out. 

(Since we came in her car, it’s not like I left her stranded. I walked 3 miles home.)

She called me the next morning to break up and I asked how the movie ended.  I didn’t hear from her again until 10 years later, when I ran into her at Macy’s.  I asked how she was doing, she said “Unhappy, Doug!  I married someone who’s obsessed with toy trains!  He’s a boy, not a real man!”

3. Skye and that corduroy couch for the last time, circa 1995

Skye worked in my company’s Oakland office (near Pitt University) where the “downtown people” like me frequently visited for weekly staff meetings and such.  She was super-smart and very funny, and we enjoyed making each other laugh.

Skye met her husband Michael a couple years after we dated, became a Bible school teacher (which surprised me greatly) and raised a family. 

Sadly, she died from cancer in 2018. She was only 55.  RIP, Skye.

4. New artwork, a new couch & a new girl: Renee and the blue leather couch, 1998-2001

The first time I met Renee was at a dinner party hosted by my boss Kathy G (who was friends with Renee at the time).  I had a little too much to drink, and was doing celebrity impersonations of people like George Costanza & Tonya Harding for Kathy’s guests.  The following Monday, Kathy said “Doug!  my friend Renee is crazy about you!”   Uh-oh!
(I wasn’t too keen on dating my boss’ best friend, but agreed to meet her for dinner.  When the check came and I insisted on paying, Renee crumpled it into a ball and put it in her mouth.  Craziest thing I ever saw and I liked crazy.)

We wound up dating almost 3 years, but ultimately parted on good terms.  We just didn’t have enough in common to pursue something longer lasting.  I’ll always have fond memories of Renee and wish I could’ve been more her type. 

(And I sold the leather sofa to my middle sister Donda in 2001.) 

5.  Saving the best girl (and best couch) for last:  my niece Sophia and one giant dark green sofa, 2010

This dark green sofa came along in 2001.  The little girl (my 5 year old niece at the time) came along a few years later, in 2004. 

Sadly, the couch is gone.  I practically lived on it for 17 years and wore out the frame and tossed it out in 2017.  As for this 5 year old munchkin, she’s now 5’9” and almost 18l!

But I’ll always have fond memories of both.  Nerd smile