Sunday, June 22, 2008

If I can’t have a rotating bed... I still want a cool bachelor pad



Here it is, a Sunday afternoon & I've just returned home after a short drive to the north part of my town.  (I even broke my cardinal rule of 'never shaving on a Sunday' before I left, just in case I ran into somebody, or got pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt, or something.)

And where did I go?  To take one more look (my third look-see this week) at a house I like but don't really want; at least I don't think I do--and to try & figure out why.

If you read my blog from a couple weeks ago, I was giving some serious thought to buying the house I lived in as a kid (before we moved to the farmhouse in the early 70s). 

1969--and one cool dude in a red vest!

That's no playboy,  just my cool Dad posing in the kitchen of our house I loved as a kid, circa 1969

My sister Shawn had the opportunity to talk to the owners (who are looking to sell) & they gave her a ballpark figure that certainly sounded reasonable enough… but in the last couple weeks I’ve been getting advice from various friends (and people I know who do a lot of driving), and came to the conclusion that it may not be a wise choice--precisely because of the distance involved from my job. 

(I'd be traveling roughly 130 miles a day & spending a lot of time and money on the road.)   I still think I’d like to move back to Waynesburg someday, though.

But then my friend Karyn said "what's keeping you from owning a house up here, Doug?  How long do you plan to live in your bachelor pad?  You're just wasting money on rent"  so I got to thinking that maybe she's right, maybe it's time I buckled down & bought a house.   And that's when I saw this roomy Cape Cod, “ready to move in”.





Don't let the first picture fool you; this house is long!  Three bedrooms, a study, family room.  All hardwood flooring which is nice--and a ton of pricey landscaping.  But I dislike the kitchen which they just completed remodeling, it's so...white.  And what the heck would I do with all these extra rooms??

There's a part of me that feels intrigued at the thought of owning that house--wow, a garage!  An office!  My own washer & dryer!  I just think that if I was involved with someone, with even the prospect of marriage, I'd be a lot more excited about it. 


This is my idea of playboy living--a swanky leather coffee table I just got for the livingroom & a chocolate shag rug; dig!


But for now, as a single guy...I don't know.  I ENJOY apartment living yet I feel almost guilty about it.  Why is that, though?  I like living 5 stories up.  I like living in a double-security building--my rent is low, my place is easy to take care of.  (Sure another room would be nice, but I don't need 6-8 of them.)   And to be really honest, I have no desire to spend my time shopping at Lowes or doing yardwork on the weekends.

I just wonder (and truth be told, worry a little) if I ever will be...