Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting it outta my system: a few reasons for not writing anything new on the Teepee lately

Me, in the office


I've been really busy, and that pretty much sums up why I haven't shared anything on the teepee recently.  Stressed, more like it (more on that later, let’s just say this punching clown we have in the office serves its purpose).  Anyway, it's not like someone’s called or written and asked what’s going on, but when you write a blog, even a self-serving one like mine, you still feel an obligation of sorts to keep things going after a couple weeks or so.  So in the interest of the teepee, and offering more than a one line explanation, this is why I've been too preoccupied to write anything.

The earthquake in Haiti, for starters.  Watching these poor people nightly on the news, the unimaginable loss and suffering--it just makes these blogs feel a little too self-indulgent.  Also, my job (as a pricing specialist for UPMC) has been particularly crushing lately; the company keeps acquiring new lines of business & as the number of daily requests keep growing, I'm working harder, longer & falling more and more behind.  (A couple weeks ago when I swallowed my pride & told our team leader that I'm going to start needing some assistance, I was told "we're not going to go that route, we've decided to automate what you do instead." )

I've been hearing the automation line off & on since 2002, but it still doesn't help NOW and doesn't exactly make me feel too hopeful about the future!  Oh well... I've just been too tired & angry lately to come home & share anything positive here.

On a happier note, another reason for my absence is my new LCD tv.  Since my last blog, I gave away my old set, packed away the VCR, switched to digital cable (complete with hi-definition, a new DVD player and dvr).   So many channels, so little time!

My new TV setup


The Sopranos in HD; the cable guy said it would take a couple weeks to get accustomed to using a dvr; get the eff outta here, it took five minutes!  


I only held off on all this nifty technology as long as I did because I worried I'd fall into the "all tv, all the time" trap.  And I admit it, I've been reeled in--hook, line and sinker.  But for the time being, it's five degrees outside & I've got nothing better to do than watch "The Evil that Women Do" on the Investigation Channel; oh yeah, when did they switch the Sci-Fi Channel to SyFy?  Anyway, it’s nice to have this channel back after several years… bliss!


I’ve also been spending a lot of time in online art galleries.  I've been looking for something different to hang in my livingroom for well over a year now, there’s just so much to choose from out there—abstract?  Photography?

‘Colander Men’ by Lydia Marano—haha, why can’t I stop looking at this? 

I'm partial to less conventional stuff, weird stuff like this sepia photograph here; but is it going to distract me while watching my new tv?   Maybe I should just get something soothing, like a nice boring sunset instead.

And finally, I've also been trying to fit in some nightly exercise.  A group of us at work (and my sister Shawn) are taking part in a weekly weigh-in for 25 weeks in a desperate attempt to slim down by summer.  I've lost 4.5 lbs in the past month but I could be doing a lot better.  (I think the only reason I've lost anything is work related; it's difficult to eat when your stomach is in knots!)  I know, I know--it beats being unemployed like a good 10-15% of this country.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Well, I was actually going to make this a 'Top Ten' list of why I haven't been around;  (Reason No. 5 for not writing:  Nobody reads these dumb blogs anyway!)  but I think I've shared enough for the time being.  Thanks for letting me get some things off my chest.


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