Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nothing says Halloween like a birthday cake, good food and a wookie

Earlier, I celebrated my 52nd birthday (in the office) courtesy of some awesome coworkers and a friendly wookie. That’s me in the corner, admiring the cake as the others sang Happy Birthday—and Chewbacca, aka Kathy, doing a pretty good photobombing of said event!

Originally we were just going to have a cake, but someone said “Seeing how it’s Halloween, and there’s going to be a cake, why don’t we have appetizers and a main course or two as well?” These people mean business. There was enough food to feed an army & then some, along with a pretty spectacular ‘chicken taco bar’ (which one person, Linda decided to do on her own and amazed everyone). Being the birthday boy (heh) I was only required to show up and eat. And now, I have about 4 lbs of Gwen’s cheesy potatoes and birthday cake parked in my teepee’s icebox!

Anyway, not a lot to say here—just thought I’d share a few pictures:

A chocolate torte birthday cake (it kinda speaks for itself)

My coworker Mia & myself, comparing our ages—darn it, I’m old!

Ed’s cucumber sandwiches lend an air of elegance to Kim’s hobo beans and Jamie’s kielbasa

Kathy’s world famous wookie-cookies

Rita promised to give me the finger; she wound up giving me several of ‘em

A big thanks to everyone for the great grub & making this birthday a real special one!

Happy Halloween!


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