Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gotta get back in time… here we go with Chapter 3 of the Amazing Argo!

Can you believe this is still goin’ on?  Okay, when we last left my sister Shawn & yours truly, the whole Nervosa thing was finally behind us and all was right with the world once more.  Filled with confidence, I promised Shawn to get her back home in time—even if it meant going BACK in time to do it.

This chapter was clearly inspired by the latest Star Trek movie at the time, ‘The Voyage Home’ where they do the old ‘slingshot around the sun’ routine to break the time barrier.  (And it looks like another popular movie worked it’s way into the story below, as pointed out by my sister.)   Let the adventure continue!

Chapter Three:  Here Comes the Sun!








Next time: Terror awaits our submerged siblings in “Beware the Curse of the Vampires from Atlantis”!  See ya then!


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