Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Birthdays are a blessing—not a curse



Today was a nice day; my sister Shawn & her husband Jim had me down to their house for my birthday (which is actually this Wednesday on the 31st), complete with a Halloween Scarecrow cake, Batman decor & a tasty home cooked dinner.

Of course, I feel very fortunate to have Shawn as my sister.  (Not only is she a good person, but she's a good friend.)   Her husband Jim & my niece Sophia make me feel just as loved--my world would be a much lonelier place without them.





Sophie & I badger my sister Shawn to stop working and come downstairs for some cabbage rolls & birthday cake  

For some reason, it always made me feel a bit 'special', sharing my birthday with such a strange holiday like Halloween.  (I've always had an interest in ghosts, monsters & supernatural phenomena; would that have been different if I'd been born on Christmas or Arbor Day?) 



It's now time for a STRANGE BUT TRUE Story…

In my second semester at Waynesburg College, I met a girl in Sociology (Elizabeth) & we began dating; the night before my birthday she called & said she had some exciting news, but wanted to tell me in person.  It was pretty late but I snuck to her dorm, anxious to get the scoop.

She sat me down & said "Doug you don't have to live with this anymore."  What was she talking about?  "Well, as you know my dad is an attorney" she continued.  "I told him about you being forced to share your birthdate with Satan, and he informed me that when it's a traumatic case like this, you can have it legally changed!"    Traumatic!?

When I responded "How do you know Satan was born on October 31?"  she answered "Common sense should tell you that."   The only thing common sense told me was that Elizabeth & I weren’t a match made in Heaven.  Things didn’t work out for us—and I got to keep my birthday.  

I'm just glad I didn't grow up in THAT family; my parents saw it for what it was--a fun holiday for kids.  And for as long as I can remember, my mom always made sure I got a Halloween-themed cake too.  (Like here, on my fifth birthday—a witch cake!)


 So thanks again Shawn--not just for the day, but for making me feel like a kid again!


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