Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sophia’s Three—It’s Party Time


Whew, what a Saturday!  Today my sister Shawn & her husband Jim had a big birthday bash for my niece Sophia, who turned 3 yesterday.  

Sophia insisted on pizza & my sister also prepared pasta & potato salads, along with turkey, ham & italian subs--soda, giant Disney cake, ice cream--the whole shebang.


I can't believe:

  • Sophia is 3 (it seems like Shawn was pregnant with her 3 MONTHS ago)
  • The number of friends this social butterfly has
  • The NUMBER OF PRESENTS this kid got--including a battery-powered all terrain vehicle from Shawn & Jim!

617D5C2B848A9C67_1608_2[1]Sophia looks on as her neighbor Levi gets a slice


Who are all these people?

617D5C2B848A9C67_1608_5[1] Drew (my other niece, left) makes a new friend with Disney Girl (Jordan, Sophie’s friend Jenna’s older sister)    


            Shawn's good friend & neighbors Jackie, Jim, their son Levi & friend Livvie


When Sophie was opening her presents (in a roomful of people), she kept yelling "Uncle Doug, look at this!"  I have no idea why I was being singled out, but I loved it


My sister Donda & me, and waitaminute why does she look so much taller??

 Well, not a lot more to say here; my sister Shawn & Jim had a lot of people there (around 20, if not more) and there's many more pictures--but they're of Shawn & Jim's friends (or some pretty lousy shots--I'm not great with a camera); so I'll send them on to her & just hope everyone (especially that 3 year old hambone) enjoyed the day as much as I did.