Sunday, June 14, 2009

Still looking for a place to hang my hat (and not doing much else, darn it)



I don't think I've been very good company lately; in fact, I'm sure of it.  I've been doing a lot of eye rolling and heavy sighing at people in my office, and the other day someone asked for half a buck & I told them I didn't have it--then realized I DID have the two bits, handed it over & hissed at him to stop hitting me up for dough. 

Well, I didn't actually hiss until he arched his eyebrows and remarked on the coin purse I was holding;  that once belonged to my grandpap!   The thing is, I was rude just the same.  I guess I've just been feeling a lot of frustration lately, both at work (there's too much of it) & on the homefront, where I'm back to square one with the property search.

For those who've been following, I had pretty much made my mind up on the condo building in the neighborhood close to mine--the Summit.  I wasn't exactly thrilled with the offerings within, but the location was perfect.  (And it's all about location, right?)  Well...


My realtor Harper in the kitchen during our final walkthru & inspection 

I went there last weekend for a final walkthru; I was told my offer was a good one & would be accepted.  But I soon learned there was water rot in the walls above the cupboards (which had to be replaced anyway--they were cheap particle board with wooden fronts).  And I couldn't remove the thick cables strapped across the ceilings, as they were the phone & cable hookups.  What?!   (A handy neighbor also pointed out that the high association fees did NOT include the utilities promised, namely heat.) 

But what killed the deal was a closer inspection of the walls within the unit--all cheap pasteboard, and surprisingly thin, too. 

The heavy cinderblock ceiling looked out of place on top of them; no amount of paint was going to fix that.  I informed Harper I was no longer interested.  Now what?



Over the river & thru the woods... welcome to Emsworth

Approximately 2.6 miles from my apartment lies Emsworth, a community with Rt.65 running right thru the middle.  It's woodsy and hilly with houses, apartment & condo complexes--and not much else. 

However, the property taxes are much cheaper and the condos are newer and in much better shape.  I'm thinking this may be my best bet.  hat4


A panoramic view of one of the available units--nice, but I've been fooled before 


I'll be going to see it this week.  I'm a little suspicious of the low asking price, but there's a few other things to consider--how close it is to public transportation, for one. 

And most importantly, can I call that particular neck of the woods home.

Well, as usual I wanted to talk about other things--I guess the property search has been consuming most of my thoughts (as evidenced by my so-called blogs.)   I think I'm going to hold off on further ramblings about finding a new teepee until I know better what I'm doing next.