Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas came a little early this year—thanks to Keurig and some holiday sweets

Here’s my new Keurig coffee machine!  I was going to wait & set this up on Christmas Day (before making the trip home to spend the holiday with family), but seeing how I was just sitting here enjoying my friend Kathy’s Christmas cookies, and wishing I had a cup of flavored coffee to go with ‘em… out of the box it came.  I just brewed my very first K-cup (the Italian Roast blend) and it is strong & good.

Whew, I am having some hot flashes—okay, it must be the caffeiine.  I normally don’t drink coffee at 9pm, but this cup of italian joe probably has more get up n’ go than that whole can of Maxwell House ‘Morning Blend’ in my fridge!   

It seems like half the people in my office own a Keurig, and half of them have been after me to get one too.  “Doug you don’t know what you’re missing!”  “Doug join us in the 21st century!”   I’d always say I was thinking about it, but in truth I knew those machines were too large for my postage-stamp sized kitchen counter.  

Then I saw this one, the ‘K10 Mini-Plus’ (it has no gallon-sized water reservoir like the bigger models) so I went for it.  It still has all the features, it’s a perfect fit, and now I can join all my friends in the future... er, present.    (I just wish being here didn’t make me so jittery, I brewed that cup on the largest setting too.)

I’m not ready to let go of the past just yet, look at this cool retro magic set I got my niece for Christmas!  (I just hope she likes it as much as I do)

And on that note, I’d better get off here and get some stuff done.  I really just wanted to touch base & say thanks to the people who drop by, I hope you & yours have a wonderful holiday.  

And Kathy, thanks again for that awesome tub of Christmas cookies—the white chocolate & jam ones were my favorite!  Smile

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas! Nice looking coffee machine. Remind me, did you get a cell phone?

  2. Haha thanks Iikka--I only shared the coffee machine here because I knew my coworkers would be surprised to see me with it--its like giving a caveman a book of matches :) As for the cellphone, well I've had different ones for a dozen years--I just never upgraded to a smartphone and never will! Merry Christmas my old friend :)


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