Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mine’s fine I suppose, but teepees come in all shapes, sizes & colors


This past Tuesday, we had some terrible storms.  (Well, terrible for the poor folk who woke up to flooded basements or worse—personally I love ‘em, especially at bedtime.) So that night I laid in bed & enjoyed the light show outside my window, and the following morning after I get up to get ready for work, I’m shaving & I hear a persistent PLOOP… PLOOP… PLOOP…  what the devil?

I had a leak in my bedroom ceiling last winter, so I’m familiar with that sound.  I race in there & check it out—nope, all dry.  I head into my livingroom, and directly between my tv & bookcase is a 2 inch circle of wet on the floor.  I look up—there’s a big drop of water hanging from the ceiling.  PLOOP!

I wasted no time calling my building’s management & yelling into the phone that this was the second time this year, I was fed up & no I will NOT put a bucket under it, I hope it’s acid rain and it can eat thru the floor and right into the apartment below for all I care.  (They sighed and assured me they’d send someone out to take care of it right away, and they did.)  Later at work, I grumbled to my friend Kathy that I had it coming, this is what I get for living in the ghetto.  She said “you don’t live in the ghetto”  & I said “Sure I do, my rent’s only 600 bucks, there’s a reason.”   She said “Well, it’s helped you save for your retirement” and I said “was it worth it though, living in a dump for the last umpteen years?!”  Kathy said “McDougall, It’s not a dump, it’s your home!”  I wanted to hug her.  

She’s right—I’m just a renter, but this IS my dump—I mean home.  I’ve always felt that way, and I’m always surprised and a little hurt by the people in my life who don’t.  But I HAVE been here a long, long time & I’m thinking that when & if I can cut those work-strings, it might be time for a change.  Do I want to move back to my hometown, where I grew up?  I’d be closer to family but it’s been 25 years and I’m not sure that feels right to me anymore.  Do I want to try and fix up the place I have now, with some paint and new artwork & furniture?  Yes, I think I’d like that.  Or do I want to sacrifice some living space, pay a little more rent & move into a better building?   Yes, I kinda want that too.

studioFloorplan of the studio that caught my eye (click on it for larger view)

I don’t know why, but I’ve always had an appreciation for confined spaces—I think they speak to the agoraphobe in me.  (I’d probably do just fine in a prison or padded cell, and yes you should be worried for me.)  All I know is, I don’t require a lot of room.  So recently, when browsing some apartment listings in my general area, I came across an old condo building converted into modern apartments (but with modern pricing too, a one bedroom is 850.00, a 2 bedroom is 1150.00).  Ouch!  That’s a bit steep for my budget, but the property has several studios too, and only a hundred bucks more than what I’m paying now.


Their studios come with a nice balcony, bamboo flooring and a small kitchen with new cabinets & granite countertop; but there’s no bedroom!

I’m going to see it in person later this week (just out of curiosity, my current lease doesn’t expire for 5 months anyway; but they said that’s okay, they have a number of these studios available).  The heat’s included (yeah!) but you have to pay for parking (boo).  So we’ll see.

And finally, when I called to make the appointment, the woman asked me where I lived now.  When I told her, she said “Oh this isn’t far from there… why are you looking to move?”  I said “A change of scenery I suppose… plus I have a ceiling that keeps springing a leak!  I’m sure my landlord wouldn’t mind seeing me go.”  She said “Hey wait.. is this Doug over in the Monroe Building?”  I said “Huh?” 

She said “Hi Doug, this is Sarah from Lobs Management!  We own this rental property too!”  Shifty


  1. You can run, but you can't hide!!

  2. Hahaha! You got a point Iikka--not in a one room I can't :) Well, like I said I'm just curious to see it. I'm going Wed night.


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