Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where’s my doppelganger… dammit I want a twin-who’s-not-really-my-twin too

I’m in shock.  A little bit ago, after making my breakfast and setting up camp on my livingroom sofa for some Saturday morning tv watching, I’m leafing through a magazine and crunching into a slice of peanut butter toast when I hear a familiar voice from the tv. 

I look up, and on an episode of Pawn Stars this haughty, arrogant dude is clearly miffed his antique trinket isn’t worth the thousands of dollars he assumed it was.  My toast literally drops into my lap.  He’s my older brother Duke. 

But he isn’t Duke, he’s some dude who lives in Las Vegas who looks and sounds just like my brother.  The head, the hair, the face, the glasses, the tone of his voice, his expression—it’s not just a resemblance, it’s HIM.



Duke, Mom (& her dog Frankie) 2002

This is ironic… just a week ago I spotted my friend Erin’s doppelganger on the bus ride to work, and alerted her to said fact.  She said “Schmoog, you need a smartphone with a camera!”    

But the more I thought about it, her so-called twin was “what Erin would look like if she was 20 lbs heavier and 5 years older” so I guess the chick I saw on the bus isn’t truly Erin’s doppelganger… unlike the dude up above who really is a dead ringer for my brother.

Remember when Peter Brady met his doppelganger at school?  He brought him home & fooled his entire family, even Alice. 

Of course, while the real Pete was yukking it up outside, his dorky lookalike was telling Mr. Brady sure, he’d be happy to go on a date with his boss’ nerdy daughter.  Oops!

Oh and as long as we’re on the subject of Bradys and doppels, here’s some interesting tv trivia.  For years many fans believed Christine Baranski (“The Good Wife”) played Marcia’s sneaky friend Molly in the “slumber party” episode. 

Christine vehemently denied this to no avail.  Finally, the lesser known Chris Chaney stepped forward and confessed it was she who filled Molly’s shoes in that classic story.  Isn’t their resemblance uncanny? 

I wouldn’t say they were doppelgangers though.  Would you?

Well, I’ve decided enough is enough.  I want a doppel too, and registered my face with  They told me I’d be alerted when they find a closer physical match, but I’m not holding my breath; after I loaded the first photo and then a second, they compared the two and this second me is only a 21% match to the first!



  1. So wait...if I go to and upload a photo of James Spader, chances are there would be 6 matches across the globe? And I would learn theirs name and be able to contact them? Hot damn! I'd say the closest doppleganger to me is Mary Travers when she was young. I have yet to meet someone in person who looked like me, although people have told me through the years that they've seen my lookalike in various places. I like to think that I'm an original, though. :)

  2. P.S. As a Christine Baranski fan, I don't think that other woman looks like her.

  3. Pam I think that site does have an option to add celebrity photos (and find their lookalikes). I know how you are about some of these guys, you should try it :)

    1. LOL know what, I'll do it for fun and I have nothing to lose.


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