Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring has sprung (& other things on my mind on a Saturday in May)



This is my idea of a perfect Saturday; I woke up early this morning to gray and chilly skies, with a soft rain outside my window. (Perfect for a hot cup of coffee & some quiet reading.) And now as I write this, at 2:00 in the afternoon, the sky is blue, the air is cool & the sun feels very comforting on my face and toes when I step outside. (It's not too shabby indoors either--I have a fresh pitcher of iced tea made, and some chicken legs with rosemary, chopped red peppers and quartered potatoes roasting in the oven. It's very aromatic.)

I'm really looking forward to this evening as well--TCM is airing two of my very favorite "don't own, not sure why because I love 'em both" movies--"Now Voyager" with Bette Davis & "Johnny Belinda" with Jane Wyman. Heh heh!

And now, a special Presentation of 'Guys & Dolls…



Something...interesting came up this morning that I wanted to share; at the time it kind of bothered me, and I'm still trying to figure out why (and if I should be).

For a few years now I've belonged to an online message board that discusses a variety of topics--it's mostly men, so the subjects range from politics to sex to movies to cars, food, music and current events. (The board is an 'offspring' of a comic book board, set up to allow for unrestricted discussions--"The Negative Zone".) I've gotten to know these guys fairly well over the years & consider them all friends.


A 'Real Doll', an anatomically correct lifesize doll you can buy online.  Each one is custom made to order from the hair & height to eye color & breast size. They weigh around 125 lbs & sell for $7500.00; one was recently featured in the movie 'Lars & The Real Girl'

Anyway--last night & this morning we were having a discussion of sorts in the Movie 'thread', and well I guess you have to see for yourself what transpired:

DOUG: Last night I watched 'The Diving Bell & The Butterfly'; french film based on the life of Jean Dominique Bauby, author & editor of Elle magazine, who had a stroke at the age of 42--and woke up mute & completely paralyzed save for his left eyelid. And using that eyelid (and blinking yes or no at the alphabet being read to him) he was able to write his autobiography before he died--a remarkable man AND movie...

SHOGUN:  I have Lars & the Real Girl queued up on the Tivo and wait for it… Zombie Strippers!  Pray for me!

ANDREW: I read 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' when it came out, Doug - a remarkable story but I think the film might be a step too far. I've got the lunchbox and the action figure, though.

DOUG: Action figure??! image That's not very nice!! (What's ironic is that you really COULD have a "real" action figure of Shogun's Lars & The Real Girl!) FYI, I just saw this myself a week ago; I'll be interested to hear what Jeff thinks of it. I dunno...they tried so hard to make it quirky and charming but I didn't go for any of it for a minute. I think it would've been better if they'd just played the thing as a broad comedy. Have you guys ever checked out the website that sells those real dolls? I heard of it years ago--who the hell is going to pay THOUSANDS of dollars for a 125 lb. hunk of silicone?!


DOUG: Well, wasn't that terribly clever...

SHOGUN: I remember seeing a BBC documentary about those dolls and how some people really became attached to them to the exclusion of interactions with real people. Of course, the BBC had to pick one of the finest Americans to show off to the rest of the was some redneck hick from the back woods of West Virginia who had not only one, but two of those life size dolls. It was very very creepy....

ANDREW: "Well, wasn't that terribly clever..." No, it's just obvious - you are the ideal potential customer for such a doll, as you are a middle-aged man who lives alone, and have the not inconsiderable disposable cash required...shit, Doug, you ought to know I wouldn't take a cheap shot at you like that.

DOUG: Andrew, I couldn't disagree more--I think it takes a lot more than a couple of cliche demographics to have the mindset to purchase one of those things.

ANDREW: (left blank, he removed his response!)

(A couple others jumped in, but that's the jist of it.) Now for some reason, this weighed on my mind all day. I see where Andrew is coming from, that his comments weren't directed towards me personally; but if he thinks guys in my 'category' are the most susceptible to desiring a squishy mannequin, really doesn't say a lot for us, does it? I just don't think "middle aged guys who are alone & have some savings" (like me) are that desperate.

617D5C2B848A9C67_3523_5[1] Wrapping things up on a high note: Hidden Treasures...

I almost forgot--tomorrow is Mother's Day, and while Mom may be gone (and very sadly missed by my two sisters & myself), it's a reminder of how thankful I am to have Shawn & Donda in my life...both of them great moms in their own right.




Just yesterday, Donda Lin was cleaning & found something nestled in the cushions of the 'settee' in her study (a piece of furniture that originally belonged to our Mom). When she showed it to Shawn & myself, we were both taken aback.

It may just be a photo of Mom, but (as us kids know all too well) pictures of her are very few & far between--Mom did not like having her picture taken. So seeing this for the first time (and a very recent one of her, Donda & me) was almost like getting a surprise visit.

Happy Mother's Day, sure are loved and missed


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