Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a winner—and as corny as it sounds, it’s all of us


I was never a strong follower of politics, but how could you not have been during this (long) Presidential election?  It's been quite a ride, but I'm relieved it's finally over.  We have a new Democratic President & frankly I couldn't be more happy about the outcome. 

I stayed up late last night just to hear Senator Obama's acceptance speech and once again, he did not disappoint.  (I don't know if it was because I was so tired, but the man is such a powerful orator that he left tears in my eyes.)

To be honest, I'm surprised that McCain's electoral count was as high as it was--but he's also a good person and I was moved by his gracious speech conceding the race to Obama.  (Just so relieved he didn't win this race, we were desperate for a real change.)

Anyway--I honestly couldn't be more excited; not only for my country, but for my nieces who will have this as a piece of their own history; and of course, the African American population (and all other minorities).  While I think it's awesome that we're finally tearing down godawful prejudices & racial divides, it certainly helps to have it done by someone like Barack Obama.  He's a good man with real class & style, confident and earnest and I honestly believe he's going to be a great leader...not just for this country, but for much of the planet. 

I honestly thought I was too old (and too cynical) to feel such excitement and hope about a new President...but for the first time ever, I do.


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