Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Is it soup yet? No, and I’m happy to say it never will be—it’s chili :)

I HATE SOUP.  More specifically, canned soup.  I hate canned chili too—it’s the worst!  So I wonder why chili isn’t considered a soup?  “Because it’s of the stew variety.”   Haha that’s funny—I hate stew too!

I do like homemade chili though, but can’t remember the last time I tried making it.  But then earlier today, I was at the supermarket buying ingredients to make spaghetti sauce (I like mine sweeter then the stuff in jars—sorry Prego & Ragu) and saw this particular style of diced tomatoes.  “Zesty Chili Style”.   I don’t recall seeing this before, is it new?  Anyway, I figured what the heck I’ll try making chili instead.

1 14.5 can Del Monte Zesty Chili Diced Tomatoes
1 16oz. can Hunts Tomato sauce
1 14.5 can Hanover kidney beans, drained

1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup green pepper
3/4 lb. 90% lean hamburger, browned & drained
1 tbl chili powder, 1/2 tsp salt

There was a “quick chili” recipe on the back of this can, but it only called for 8 oz tomato sauce.  I like mine saucier, so I doubled that.  I was surprised how well it turned out—I sprinkled a little shredded Monterey Jack/Colby on top, and a couple slices of homemade bread from the bakery didn’t hurt!

Anyway, as tasty as it was, I couldn’t help but wonder if a little more heat would’ve made it better.  It got me to thinking about those gold-foil packets of chili sauce at Wendy’s, you can’t buy them anywhere but an online cooking forum said Dynasty Hot Chili Oil was the same thing—so I went ahead & ordered a bottle of the stuff from Amazon for next time!

So until the Soup Nazi opens for business around here, or someone surprises me with their grandma’s old recipe, this is about as close to soup as I’m gonna get!


  1. Yur chili looks good not too dry or wet. I add a pinch of cumin to my recipe but I cook w/stewed maters, nothing zesty to them. And I would sample that oil before including it in the mix. It does sounds promising! Cheers :)

  2. Hi--well, as a matter of fact I DO have some cumin but didn't want to add it as the smell reminds me of canned chili (which I don't like). Mine was more "tomatoey" (which I DO like). I'm waiting for the oil, I'll have to do an update... thanks for your comments!

  3. I'd like to know how you convinced the bakery to come to your home and make bread! I wish the bakeries around here made house calls!

    P.S. More cheese, please.

  4. Haha--Jase, they dont make house calls but they're only 2 blocks walking distance from my house, they're worth the effort :)


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