Monday, November 23, 2015

Here’s a thing or two that makes me wanna get up and do a happy dance

happy dance


Y’know, it’s easy to get caught up in all the doom n’ gloom out there; those so-called ‘extreme Islamists’ have done a real number on France, much of the planet’s in a dither and even Facebook has been a real eye-opener this week as people divided into two camps over the Syrian refugee crisis and why they should or shouldn’t be allowed here.

On a personal note, it sure was tough to stand on those scales yesterday & see my weight goin’ UP this week. I’ve been doing those weekly weigh-ins since the end of May, and this was the first time it went in the wrong direction. Bummer.

But then I turned on the news & saw that damn Subway guy Jared Fogle finally going to jail (wow, for 15 years) and whaddya know, the economy isn’t going down the drain after all, markets appear to be doing a little better—and things just seemed to get better from there. Here’s some things that are putting a happy dance in my step today

“Brown paper packages tied up with string…” (rather, a box of goodies from Amazon)


This just arrived—Stephen King’s latest (woo-hoo!), a sleeping mask, the hot chili oil I wrote about recently, a bar of stainless steel soap (for removing garlic or onion from your hands) and yep Brylcreem, that greasy kid stuff for your hair. I love it, but the older I get, the harder it is to find!

Comet, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Comet TV

Two nights ago I was watching tv & a message appeared on my screen, courtesy of my Tivo. “A new channel has been detected and added to your lineup.” Wha..?? When you don’t have cable anymore, this is an event. I discover it’s a poor man’s SyFy Channel, I click on it just in time to see Tom Selleck’s 1972 classic, “Daughters of Satan.” Someone pinch me, I’m dreaming.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever'” Well, until that thing is all gobbled up

my saturday meatloaf

What do you do when it’s a Saturday, you’ve got no place to go and you’re seen & eaten it all? Make a meatloaf, naturally—I just cooked up this awesome thing, it should last me a few days if I take it easy Smile

 And finally, it’s time to put on those dancing shoes

I saw this yesterday for the very first time—it’s so awesome I can hardly stand it!

The End


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