Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Holiday Thoughts for 2007

This morning has been a long time coming, it seems. It's the Saturday before Christmas 2007, and I know I'm going to have to get dressed--get my gas tank filled up & tires checked (for the trip home in a couple days) along with some last minute shopping--but for now it's nice to just sit here on my couch with a hot cup of coffee, watch the sun come up & enjoy the quiet of the morning.

To be honest, sometimes I very much enjoy being a single guy.

I honestly can't believe how much food I've eaten this week--besides the daily trays of Christmas cookies & candy that have been literally within arms reach at work, we had a baby shower for one of our coworkers--complete with too much pizza and too much cake.


Jamie's baby shower at the office came complete with a dozen pizzas & a huge cake

Also of course, the company's holiday luncheon; followed 2 days later with our own Christmas feast, laden with platters of goodies, fried chicken, deviled eggs, stuffed banana peppers, meatballs, chili--the works. I ate like I couldn't get enough. (My diet has been thoroughly screwed; I've gained 4 lbs & it's not even Christmas Day yet.)


My niece Drew sparkles at her school’s holiday program; after the show, my other niece Sophia; aren’t they beautiful?

Ever since Mom passed away (sadly, right around this time, in 2004) the holidays just haven't been the same. It was the only time of year that all her kids got together in one place; we haven't done that now since.

Fortunately, I have my sister Shawn & her family to spend the time with, and this year we're planning a get-together with Donda, Bob & Drew--which should make it feel even more like the family holiday it should be. I got Sophia the movie 'Hairspray' (which she saw at the theater 4 times--poor Shawn!) and this nifty 'Pizza Party' kit. Drew is 14 now, so I'm giving her what every girl her age appreciates--cash! Seriously though, Drew has always been a very gracious kid--she responds the same way to whatever gift she receives.

Well, not a lot more to say--other than I feel the beginnings of a sore throat coming on, and I'm praying it isn't the start of something more serious! We've had a lot of people at work coming down with stuff this week, and who needs that at Christmas?? I'd better go get things started!

Happy  Holidays  Everyone     

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