Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Well I never… 50 things I’ve never done (and probably never will)

When you have a personal blog, you take very little for granted—you’re always on the lookout for inspiration for your next post.  Well, that’s how I roll and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted something here and thought “That’s it, no more, I’ve nothing left to write about.” 

And then something or someone will come along, and I’m back on here anxious to share it with whoever will listen.

Recently I was listening to some older people talking and one woman was saying “Well I never…” over & over.  I believe she was expressing shock at the other person’s story, but I thought I’d use it here in another context.  Here are 50 things that I’ve yet to do in this lifetime, and perhaps never will.

Well I’ve never:

  1. Walked on burning coals (and I don’t know anyone else who has either)
  2. Been arrested or gotten a speeding or even a parking ticket (though I’m sure I deserved a couple)
  3. Bought coffee from Starbucks (but I love their Ciabatta sandwiches with carved turkey & pesto)
  4. Gone skydiving
  5. Been to a professional ballgame
  6. Had a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds 
  7. Tried escargot, caviar, or steak tartare 
  8. Met a deaf person
  9. Owned or worn contact lenses (and I’ve worn glasses since I was 13)
  10. Watched Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, MASH, Married with Children, Two and a Half Men, Dallas, NCIS… not a single minute of any of ‘em
  11. Parallel parked—well, after my driver’s test I mean 
  12. Worn braces
  13. Been married (but I did live with Fay, my girlfriend at the time for 6 months in 1986)
  14. Drank a Martini, Whiskey Sour, Manhattan or Cosmopolitan
  15. Been further west in the United States than Ohio
  16. Seen or heard a ghost
  17. Gave someone a ‘high five’
  18. Owned or used an Apple device 
  19. Found a four leaf clover
  20. Learned to tie a bow-tie
  21. Changed a tire
  22. Played poker
  23. Been to a Star Trek convention
  24. Dated an African-American woman 
  25. Held or shot a firearm 
  26. Been robbed (knock on wood)
  27. Worn suspenders
  28. Been hypnotized (though a couple people have tried)
  29. Asked anyone for their autograph
  30. Been to a costume party
  31. Listened to an audio book after the first page (they put me right to sleep)
  32. Been to a strip club
  33. Flown in a helicopter
  34. Paid for a massage
  35. Gotten a shoe shine
  36. Had my tonsils, appendix or gall bladder removed
  37. Smoked pot
  38. Eaten at a Red Lobster
  39. Missed an episode of Saturday Night Live since it began airing in 1975
  40. Worn cuff-links
  41. Eaten sardines or pizza with anchovies
  42. Poached an egg (it doesn’t look difficult, but it does look unappetizing)
  43. Given someone the finger (to their face or their back)
  44. Slept in a king-sized, brass or waterbed
  45. Been in a fistfight
  46. Owned my own home
  47. Gone scuba diving
  48. Watched Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia or Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  49. Bounced a check
  50. Seen a UFO (but I haven’t given up hope just yet)  Smile



  1. These were fun to read. I'm not surprised by any of the stuff you never did and never will, Doug. But you do know how to write a very interesting post! I enjoyed it very much. :-)

    1. DJan, you're always so kind--thank you my friend--and as you well know, you inspired one of them (No.4) :^)

  2. That's a pretty exhaustive list. I can ditto some of them. You didn't mention fatherhood, did you?

    1. Haha no Gigi, I can add that to my list.. 🙂

  3. It appears you have found personal balance and a good comfort zone. All is good. That is truly what is important.

  4. What!!?? You've never been to California nor tasted a whisky sour???!!!! Tragic!!!! Of course you've many years ahead of you to sample these delights!!! (Sorry about all the explanation marks, but gee willikers, Doug.)

    1. Haha! Thanks Florence, I'd like to visit California someday so who knows... I love the term willikers. 😄

  5. There's lots of things you can not bother doing and have a full, interesting life....but try to get out to a park and find that 4 leafed clover!

  6. Hi Doug, what a fabulous post, very thought provoking. I am surprised at a few of them. Here is where we differ: 2, 8, 10, 16, 18, 19, 27, 29, 39, 43, 46, and 50.
    Love Florence’s comment!😆😆
    Take care.❤️

    1. Wha wha what?! Robin I have a feeling you have some interesting stories to share... anyway I loved Florence's comment but yours too, thank you my dear😊 💙

  7. Great list! Gave me chuckles as I went through the list. I remember when I was in college and someone was passing a joint. So I took a hit and coughed my brains out! My first and last attempt at smoking pot. (I always believed Bill Clinton when he said he smoked pot but didn't inhale; that would have been me!).

    A speaking of parties, do you remember "Come As You Are" parties? You may be too young for this, but I remember my parents being invited once. The idea was to catch someone in PJ's, rollers in her hair, or crummy clothes. All for a good laugh.

    Great post Doug. You keep us well entertained!


    1. Thanks Carole! I think the come-as-you-are parties were a little before my time, but I've been wracking my brain trying to remember where I saw those! In some movie... as for the pot, I never puffed it but I sure sniffed it every time I went into the restroom at high school!

  8. This is a fascinating post and I learned a lot about you. Come west, Young Man! I am with you on the following: 1, 4, 6, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 35, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 48 and 49. Geeze, it would have probably been easier to do the ones I don't match you on!! LOL

    1. Haha thank you Margaret (and I would love to visit out west someday!) And thanks for sharing your own numbers, I need to see what we have in common here--we DO have a lot in common :^)

  9. Oh gosh! We gotta get you out of Philly! Even Kansans party though half of those! Let me know when you've landed in Oz! Linda in Kansas

    1. Haha! Thank you for the good chuckle Linda! Guess I should've seen that coming 😄

  10. Oh my. I thought we were rather similar, except that I’m a lot older. Naturally, I had to check your list...

    2. I once got a speeding ticket and have had a couple of parking tickets.

    3. Like you I haven’t bought coffee at Starbucks. They tried to get a foothold in Melbourne and went bust as this city has pretty much the best coffee in the world.

    5. I’ve been to Australian football matches (Go Doggies). I assume they count as ballgames.

    7. I love steak tartare, and (real) caviar. I’ve had escargot a number of times and quite liked it.

    10. I’ve watched “Law and Order” and “MASH” from your list, but that’s it.

    11. I parallel park all the time, although I prefer spots you drive into and can drive (rather than back) out.

    13. I was married once. It lasted 18 months.

    14. I’ve drunk Martinis and Whiskey Sours, but not often. I much prefer wine.

    15. I’ve been to California, indeed I’ve lived there (for probably two years or more). Also Oregon, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona (and driven through most of the others). In case you’re wondering, I’ve been to Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, sorry, not Pittsburgh).

    20. I’m a champion bow tie wearer (although not since I retired). I can tie one without a mirror and with my eyes closed – my dad was a tailor, he taught me.

    21. Changed a couple of tyres.

    22. I played poker once or twice a long time ago. I didn’t particularly like it.

    26. When I was married, our apartment was burgled a couple of times.

    27. If by suspenders, you mean what we call braces. I like wearing them so my belt doesn’t dig into my expanding waistline.

    33. I flew in a helicopter once - from San Francisco airport, around the bay to Berkeley.

    36. Both my tonsils and appendix are gone.

    40. I used to wear cufflinks whenever I had to dress up a bit.

    41. I’ve eaten sardines (the fish, not that stuff from cans). I always have anchovies on my pizzas (and some other things).

    42. I poached an egg just this morning. I eat them quite often.

    46. I own my own apartment.

    48. “Casablanca” is my second favorite film. I’ve seen the other two.

    Otherwise, I haven’t done those things either

    1. Peter my talented friend, you win the trophy for this post! Thanks for taking the time to share that! 🏆🏆🏆

  11. I've done 25 of the things you've never done - and that includes the ones that were not fun. Come out and see us out in the west one day - we're not all crazy - just most of us.

    1. David, you're one of the least crazy people I know :^) I'd love to come out and visit someday, I hope I make it!

  12. I am an offender of most every line. Life is a great adventure when you live it.

    1. Joanne I wouldn't say offender--I admire you for living your life so fully! I should try to do a couple of these things at least :^)

  13. With six exceptions (10-13-19-29-36-39) your list could be mine.

    1. Verrry interesting.. thanks for sharing, River. :^)

  14. I had to do a count - there are 16 of the list that I've done/had happen at one time or another in my life, and of the 34 remaining there aren't many I'd want to do.
    But as others have already said, you need to go west, young man! :)

    1. Haha thank you Maebeme, I'll go west if it's the last thing I do. Also, good for you for living such a full life! :^)

  15. Wow, you’ve watched a lot of SNL! I worked 3-11 in a hospital in my early 20s and would sneak into an empty room to catch a bit sometimes. Joyce

    1. Haha--well, I watched it spread over 50 years of course... :^) But I think I liked it best when I was like you Joyce, in my 20s. I'm about ready to give it up now.

  16. Gee, I'm late to the party but this was fun! I need to make my own list. I'm a no to 30 of yours but cuff links, bow ties, suspenders, African American women, tire changing, fist fights and strip clubs don't really apply to me! Haha! Hubby loves Law & Order, NCIS and MASH, I went to costume parties and found 4 leaf clovers as a child and some of the other mundane stuff like the foods and movies you mentioned don't appeal to me either. I have had a Shamrock shake and been to Red Lobster but no great loss on your part for missing either! Never smoked pot but inhaled enough at rock concerts before smoking bans. The two that evoked the most memories for me were the helicopter -- my 83 year old mother-in-law had never done that either until she had a heart attack and then she had two rides in two months to get to a city heart center, so maybe that's one we don't want to aspire to! Also, ever been robbed? No, BUT we were on vacation once (in Tennessee) with my parents and got up in the morning at a hotel to discover their van had been stolen overnight by 13-year old twins (this was in the '90s.) That was an unwanted adventure!
    This was so fun. I really need to make my own list. And, btw, it's never too late to amend your list, but as long as you have no regrets, just keep on keeping on!

    1. Bobi, what a great comment--I loved reading this, thank you for sharing! (Yikes about your mother-in-law, I certainly hope that isn't my first ride in one. And that is unreal about the van!) I agree about it never being too late, if I ever get around to doing a few of these, I'll be sure to amend it. :^)

  17. I think many of us Blog as you do. I'm always looking for Blog Fodder and it often turns up in the most unlikely places. I have a Bucket List and a List of things I will probably never do and don't want to either. I'd suggest: Paying for a Massage, they're wonderful and so relaxing. Then go get a Starbucks Coffee. And take a Road Trip out West, we're way different on this side of the Country and I think it's worth at least visiting to take a gander.

    1. Thank you Bohemian--I DO want to try their coffee and get a real massage, if I do I'll make sure to share it here--it will give me something new to write about. :^)

  18. Don't know how I missed this post, Dug. But I've done more than half of these things... definitely not all. Can't believe you've never had a Starbuck coffee... not my favorite, but their mocha frappe is pretty good (overpriced and full of calories, but good!) I haven't sky dived, but watched my daughter do it... and it's still on my 'maybe' list. I have fired a firearm (at a range) and once the Veterinary hospital where I worked was robbed, so I have had a gun to my head. Tonsils, appendix, gall bladder - all gone along with a few other parts. OK, TMI. Signing off.

  19. Dug, I hope this doesn't come up as a double comment, but I left a comment here earlier and it has never showed up. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I've probably done at least half of those things on your list... definitely not all. But I'm surprised that you have never had a Starbucks coffee. They aren't my favorite, but their Mocha frappe are pretty good (high in price and calories... but still good). And as for skydiving, I haven't done it myself but watched my daughter do it... and its still on my 'maybe one day' list. I have fired a firearm on a range... and had a gun put to my head during Veterinary hospital robbery. And my tonsils, appendix, and gall bladder are gone (and a few other parts too). Oh dear, TMI. Signing off!

    1. Rian thanks for both your comments, very interesting! I wonder why Blogger didn't notify me of either of these, they were in my Spam folder! 🧐

  20. I have done alot of these.2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 been to 25 states so far,16 heard,17,18,22 badly,25 Im Texan(nuff said) 26,28,30love them ,31,32 Labare if you dare Male dancers back in the 80s Im a female)34,36,37,38,39,43 many times , 44,45,46,48,49when I was younger,50 when I was 18 years old my them boyfriend woke me up to see three very unusual "aircraft". We were camping in woods.


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