Sunday, June 21, 2009

They’re selling Mike Brady’s Hair on Ebay—and I think I want it

Good ol' Robert Reed 


A few nights ago, I came home from work, plopped down on my couch & turned on the tv; there was a promo airing for that night’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’, where it was reported that poor Maureen McCormick was once again heavy, and had gained back all the weight she’d lost on ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ PLUS an additional forty pounds.

(The first thing I thought was “poor Marcia—I mean Maureen”; the second thing I thought was “this is really a news headline?”   The third thing I thought was “I wonder if there’s a recent image of her online, I’d love to see how big she is now…”)  

A quick gander in cyberspace didn’t turn up anything, but you know how online searches work:  one minute you’re looking for ‘Maureen McCormick 2009’ & the next thing you know you’re looking at a list of recently added Brady Bunch items for sale on Ebay.  And that’s when I saw it—Mike Brady’s hair up for auction, with a certified letter of authenticity from Robert Reed’s daughter.

Well, not exactly his hair—but a wig (and moustache) he wore in the bizarre 1973 episode "You're Never Too Old", where Reed played his character Mike Brady's grandfather, Judge "Hank" Brady.   (In the episode, Marcia & Jan decide to fix up Granddad Brady with THEIR great grandma, keeping things all in the family, so to speak.)   For Brady fanatics like myself, it was a surreal episode--I was accustomed to seeing Robert Reed as a dad, not an actor.  Marcia, Jan, da Judge  


“You'll really dig our Grandma, Grandpa Brady--she's positively groovy!"


Anyway--I notice that there are 2 bids on it, with 5 days left to go on the auction--the current bid is at $277.00.   

(I can only imagine what the final hour of that auction will bring; anyone with Ebay experience knows you only place a bid in the remaining few minutes.)


The hairpieces & sworn letter from Robert Reed's daughter 

I admit I was tempted to place a bid myself; I grew up with this show like millions of other kids in the early seventies, not including later generations who watched it in endless years of syndication.  Who wouldn't want to own such an interesting piece of Brady History?

But the more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder--what would I do with it?  Hide it away in my hall closet?  Create a small Brady shrine in my bedroom with an assortment of Brady photos & the framed letter from Robert Reed's daughter?  And why was this item even for sale, okay, so maybe it doesn't deserve to be in the Smithsonian with the Fonz' leather jacket & Archie Bunker's chair, but... hey waitaminute.  It DOES deserve to be there.  

Well, I knew that there were probably a thousand eyes on this item, and out of those, a few eccentric collectors as well.  Mike Brady may have only been a TV dad to his bunch, but I wasn't the only kid who watched & waited to see how he'd react to his brood's latest shenanigans--he demanded lessons learned over laughtracks.  And I'm also sure I wasn't the only one who used him as a 'measuring stick' when it came to my own dad's love & discipline.

Dad & me, my 9th birthday


My dad & me on my ninth birthday--I fancied myself an artist like him, & got my very own easel & art supplies

I knew someone out there was going to pay a small fortune for those items--I couldn't wait to see how this auction would turn out. 

So, several nights later, I was getting ready for bed when it suddenly hit me-it's been a week, the auction ended today.  I jumped up & turned on the computer and went to Ebay.  Wait, what?  

The item had sold alright—but there were only 3 bids, & the final amount was $287.00.   Okay, so maybe there weren't as many foolish people out there as I thought... or most likely, just unaware.  Truth be told, I didn't feel I missed out on anything, though.

I’ve got my own dad's watch & arrowhead necklace and his assortment of drawings, among other things.  They're enough.


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