Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just your average summer day (with the All-American Girl)


I really wasn’t planning to post a new blog this weekend (been a little busier than usual lately) and then there’s been all that tragic news with that gunman and the theater in Aurora, Colorado which truth be told, has made anything I normally share here seem pretty inconsequential.  

But then my sister Shawn and her husband Jim invited me down for a cookout this weekend, and when Shawn gave me this recent picture of my 7 year old niece Sophia, I wanted to share it here and write something.  It was just a good reminder of all the things that are still right in this world.

Is this the All-American kid or what?  (Shawn was quick to point out that Sophia’s softball team lost only one game this season.)  Anyway, while Jim cooked steaks on the grill and Shawn was busy in the kitchen fixing everything else (she usually makes enough to feed an army), my niece & I sat on the couch and had a nice chat.  She asked me if I would be coming to her wedding, I assured her I’d be there.  (She knows I “have a thing” about weddings, and wanted to know if I’d make an exception in her case.)  She then told me who she was marrying (Jacob) and where they’d be living--“right here, when you come down to visit you’ll still use the back door” and when I asked if her mom & dad would be living here too she shook her head no and informed me they’d be moving in with Polly, who owns the house on the street behind theirs.  Does Polly know about this?

My sister’s house, nestled between her neighbor Jackie’s blue house and their church—it’s been a good home to Sophia, I suppose I can’t blame her for what’s she planning to do

Then my sister came in and announced dinner was ready, and I suddenly felt a little concern about where Shawn & Jim would be spending their golden years.

And that’s about it; after dinner, Shawn invited her neighbors (Jackie, her husband and their 12 year old son Levi) to walk across the street with us for ice cream cones, where we talked about favorite ice cream flavors and superheroes of all things; and after that, we petted some rabbits and played ‘Corn Hole’ in the backyard (and thanks to my sister who was on my team, we won). 

I know, I know--it doesn’t get more uneventful than this.  But given what’s been going on in the news lately, the day suited me just fine. 



  1. That's a beautiful picture of your niece, Doug--such a lovely girl, and I am admiring her hair!

    Regarding the tragic news from Aurora...I think sometimes it helps when we do press on with blog posts and whatnot, as it helps us get back into a happier frame of mind. Not that I am sweeping what happened underneath the rug, just that I do welcome seeing the new posts from my favorite blogs because it's a reminder that life does goes on.

  2. Pam, what a great response--thank you, well said & I appreciate your input. (And thanks also for the kind words about my niece, she is a little beauty--and a sports nut.

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world :)

  3. Sophia is an absolute doll. I agree with Pam, her hair is so lovely. Clearly she's the apple of her uncle's eye. :)

    The best antidote for sadness and hurt is being with people you love. Colorado's been the main news story here in Canada too—so sad and overwhelming. And as you said, having reminders that there is still goodness in the world, helps so much. Nothing beats good people enjoying life's simple joys. I loved reading this post and what a beautiful day you had with your family. It's for these kinds of details and glimpses into Americana that I read your wonderful blog.

    As I was reading this post, I couldn't help but get Tom Petty's "American Girl" into my head. :)

  4. Geez, What a nice post! I had such a chuckle reading this, knowing the little woman plans on booting us to Polly and Frank's house soon enough. She sometimes picks up something pink or purple to tell me "this is the color I'll be painting the livingroom". (I heard her making you promise to sit in the front pew at her wedding and 'not be too jealous'). It was really sweet of you to write about her and the day.

    She's next door at VBS right now and I'm only grateful that at this age she doesn't realize things could ever be any different.

  5. Chelly, you always have the nicest things to say, thanks very much for those caring thoughts. It was just a mini-blog to share that photo and a couple thoughts, and you made it feel very special :)

    PS. I just listened to Tom Petty's "American Girl" on YouTube, that was excellent!

  6. Thanks Shawn! And thanks again for the terrific dinner and time spent at your house. I knew the moment I saw Soph's softball pic it was going right on here :)

    Pink & purple livingroom, hahaha! I don't doubt her for a minute ;)


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