Saturday, January 17, 2015

A month, a week and a day (well, give or take) since I quit my job—what’s up?

Well, I’m not sure where to begin… where has the time gone since my last post.  I really do mean that.  It seems that I’ve spent the bulk of my life either waiting for the weekend, or the last day of school, or for holiday break, or graduation, and time always seemed to drag on (especially at the office last month after I handed in my two weeks notice).  And now here I am, closing in on my sixth week since I left UPMC and I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’ve done with the time off.  Sat here a little shell-shocked, I suppose.  I recently watched this French animated film where a near-sighted girl sings ’when it comes to life, I prefer the blur’.  Sounded good to me.

Last Sunday, my friend (and former coworker) Danielle paid a visit and treated me to breakfast at the Rusty Nail, a local restaurant up the street from my apartment.  It sure was terrific seeing her again—we’ve kept in touch pretty regularly since I left my job, but this was the first time I’ve seen her since then.

Dani’s visit to my bachelor pad—she made my little place feel pretty special, fussing over framed photos and things

Anyway, as much as I’ve enjoyed turning into a 200+ lb. sloth (shaving can be such a chore) I must admit, for some perverse reason, I stilll miss my job.  Well, parts of it.  A week or so ago, I sat here one night reading an SQL tutorial on nesting logic and thought “I’d like to try this out on my Medicaid pricing routine!”  I guess some things are hard to let go.  I still dream about the place too… last night I dreamt I had just gotten out of bed & came into my livingroom, and one of the former pricing specialists I worked with (Galina, a stout Russian woman) was sitting on my couch holding a list of updates needing done.  Ironically, she was wearing a very patriotic red, white & blue satin jacket—what gives, she’s Russian!

My only regret so far is something I posted on Facebook on my final day in the office.  “After 15 years, I’ve decided to leave UPMC in pursuit of a life of leisure”.  It was actually a bit of sarcasm (given the reason why I was leaving), but most of my non-UPMC friends didn’t know that, and in the hour or so it took for me to realize that & take it down, I got 50 people wishing me a happy retirement.  I’m still hearing it.  For the record, until I’m more comfortable with things, it’s ‘voluntary unemployment’.

Are you still reading, waiting for me to get to the good stuff?  I’m sorry!  I’m still trying to figure out if I can swing this indefinitely, and even if I can, is that what I really want?  It’s funny, up until a month or so ago I was telling anyone who would listen what an old man I am, waiting until social security kicks in, and now I’m thinking I have no business sitting on this couch & watching life go by… gosh I’m only 53!

Well, on that hopeful note I’m going to close this up & go find something to do.  I just wanted to get something out there, and remind people (and myself) I still have a voice.  A week or so before my grand exit at UPMC, Danielle joked that I would soon become obscure.  I thought ‘the sooner the better’, but now I’m not so sure.teepeesmoke


  1. Doug, it's so good to hear your updates and a belated Happy New Year to you. It's funny how you're asking yourself "where has the time gone?" because my 2014 FLEW by before my eyes. You wouldn't think so, being unemployed and submitting to jobs, but I am finding every "work" week absolutely flying by, maybe because I've been keeping busy with the work I do for Bromwell, plus Rebeat and my blog. I also think it may be because I actually enjoy these things and so like the old saying goes, time flies when you're having fun.

    I, too, was also having dreams for a while about my old work environment and the people I worked with--kind of annoying. I think they've finally stopped. Whatever happens, and whatever you decide to do, enjoy the time off, especially during the winter where you don't have to slug through the snow, cold, and slush early in the AM.

  2. Hi Pam, thanks for chiming in--and a belated Happy New Year to you too! Interesting what you wrote about how the time flies, I was honestly expecting my days to drag some what with all the free time... I'm not the social media person you are, but I somehow manage to keep myself busy. Well, you're certainly right about sluggin' thru the snow & cold (it was a 3 block walk to my bus stop in the morning, I sure don't miss that!) and I appreciate your good wishes. I just read your 'year in review' on your own blog, and I look forward to reading the next chapter in your life. :)


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