Thursday, January 1, 2009

As 2009 arrives, I believe it’s time for a New Year’s Revolution

 the warrior contemplates  

I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions.  Every year someone will ask me if I've made any, and every year it's the same answer--"nope!"   I'm not saying there isn't a lot of room for self improvement, but they've always seemed like a copout to me.  Why put off until the New Year what you should've been doing six months ago?

However, that's about to change.  Lately I've been mulling over some needed "personal projects", and with the New Year approaching... well, it seems as good a time as any to make it all official.   But today IS a holiday (technically), so I don't think ONE more day of old habits is going to hurt anyone, right?  

I have a slice of raisin pie in the fridge, some deli rolls & a nice piece of kielbassa and sauerkraut simmering on the stove; and as soon as everything's ready...bring on the Big Love!



I rented the first episode of this HBO series on a lark, and fell in love with the show immediately.  Bill Paxton plays an earnest polygamist from Utah who "leaves the compound" to start a successful chain of home improvement stores and (hopefully) find happiness in a typical American suburb.  The entire time I watched Season One, not once did I feel envious of this character married to 3 beautiful wives--they certainly don't glamorize it.  Yet in one episode when Chloe Sevigny (the creepy traditionalist & the most interesting character, IMHO) says "how on Earth do marriages with only one husband and wife do it??"  I found myself nodding my head in agreement.     I've gotta say though, the show sometimes makes me feel lonelier than usual.  This guy has 3 wives & I can't find one.  I know, I know--it's only a TV show! August 1997 on vacation at Dondas


Getting back to the Revolution... it's time to fight the good fight 


This is a picture of me in August 1997.  My sister Shawn and I were on vacation and visiting our sister Donda (who was living in the South at the time).  I weighed 163 lbs & was pretty darn proud of myself; I'd spent the previous six months on a daily exercise regimen to drop 20+ pounds, swore off junk food (well, for the most part) and was in the best shape of my life.  So what happened??

Since 2003, I've weighed over 200 lbs & have been in constant denial about it being anything more than a few excess pounds.  (Why is that?  It always takes a recent photo that jars me back to reality.)  Last year I dropped around 15 lbs which I've managed to keep off, but I am STILL 45 LBS HEAVIER THAN I WAS IN THIS PICTURE.    



My current weakness is hot dogs in natural casing & topped with everything; I'm partial to Jalapeno mustard or chili & cheese...d'oh!

I don't have any delusions about looking any younger, but I am READY to be that thin guy again.  I mean it!  And that's my first resolution:  drop 40 pounds.  No pills or fad diets... just exercise & eating right.  Several weeks ago I joined a new 'weekly weight progress' at my job with a couple coworkers, but I haven't been taking it as seriously as I should.  That's about to change. 

Maybe I should post my weekly loss/gain here as well...the humiliation would be a great motivator.


Unfortunately, losing weight is only half the battle...

I've got a wealth of books and movies at my disposal, friends and family that are only a phone call away, and yet almost every night when I get home from work--what's the first thing I do when I walk in that door?  I flip open my laptop (to warm up while I change my clothes & go thru the mail).   I may not be on it constantly, but it's a constant companion--sitting here beside me on the couch for most of the evening.

What happened to the good old days of just turning on the TV instead?   Heh heh...

Seriously though, while I love being online, and I do appreciate the good friends I've made there, I'm already spending 8-9 hours a day in front of a computer while at work.  I need to cut back on the time I spend online--answering those emails can wait until the morning.  (I used to read 3-4 books a month; now it takes me weeks to get thru one.)  I also used to tease my sister Shawn about never spending any time on her own computer outside of work, but now...hmph. 

Well, all this rambling & I've only covered a couple things; there's a few other resolutions in the works, but this has been boring enough; besides, I think I a couple of them deserve blogs of their own.  (Look for an upcoming piece titled "Let's get Personal" in the weeks ahead.)   Thanks for stopping by, and I hope everyone who reads this has a Happy New Year.


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