Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I’m taking a pledge to be a better person (well, on my blog at least)

A couple months back, I read a quote by some famous writer (I wish I could find it or remember who said it):  “A good writer writes about people, a bad writer gossips about them.”  

The words stung a little as I recalled how often I’ve dished on noisy, nosy (or even dead) neighbors in my apartment life past & present.  I consoled myself with the thoughts I’m not REALLY a writer, and I live alone and need to vent.

Seriously though, when I ranted in the past (like at my former gay neighbors) it wasn’t to gossip, but just to vent.

And when I wrote about people here (like Violet and her senior citizen girl gang), it wasn’t nasty or disrespectful.  They’re a fun group of ladies, and I enjoyed their teasing—plus it gave me something new to put on my blog. 

But THEN I met the new tenant the other day, and was so put off by his attitude, I wasted no time getting on here and sharing it…and then some.

Where I went wrong was pointing out his resemblance to someone not high up in the Good Looks department (that’s not his fault) and snarking on his outfit.  I admit he bruised my ego when he looked me up & down and asked me if I was in my late 60s(!) but my description of him was no better. 

I had no business being so critical of someone I didn’t know.  Or being that petty about ANYONE.

I used to have this policy that whenever I posted a blog, If I got hit by a bus or dropped over from a heart attack, is the last piece I wrote the last one I wanted people to see?  And if I was writing about someone and they saw it, would they be okay with it?   I failed on both counts.

It’d be easier to just delete it (and I might still), but for now I just wanted to say that what I wrote was small-minded, and I dont want to be that person again, and I’m sorry. 

(But I may feel less bad the next time I run into him or discover he’s a Trump supporter!)

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