Saturday, November 26, 2011

Angels and ministers of grace defend us—or me, at least


A couple days ago (the day before Thanksgiving), I had just gotten home from work & was changing my clothes to run some errands.  I wanted to do a little grocery shopping, get a full tank of gas & pick up the pecan pie I ordered from Lincoln Bakery to take with me to my sister Shawn’s house for Thanksgiving.

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, tying my shoes when I heard a soft thump in the other room, like something had fallen.  I came into the livingroom and saw nothing out of the ordinary, so I grabbed my jacket and opened my front door—and this was on my welcome mat.  (Oh good, it’s in large-print too.) 

I looked up and down the hallway to see if anyone else had gotten one of these on their doorsteps—nope, I was the only one.  (And I happen to know three of my neighbors--Rich, Vanessa & Jean—weren’t home to retrieve anything.)  So I wondered, what the hell did I do to warrant getting this ‘divine message’?  (Oops, perhaps I just answered my own question.)  The thing is, I suppose it bothered me that someone wanted to toss some religion my way, but didn’t have the time or courage to ask if I wanted it first.

I’ve never hidden my beliefs (rather, lack of) about religion, but then again I’ve never come out in opposition to it either.  A few years back I wrote a blog titled “Why Is it So Hard to Believe” but wound up deleting it because I saw myself in ‘both camps’.  I questioned why atheists are so insistent there’s nothing beyond the here n’ now, while people of faith have to see things as holy or divine.  Can’t there be a middle ground?  I’m parked somewhere in there. 

Vacation Bible School, 1973—that’s me & Shawn in the back, Steve and Donda in front.  Why can’t things be as simple now as they were then?

I guess I’m just feeling a little... something right now because it seems like lately, God has been coming out of the woodwork.  Tuesday night I was leaving the office and feeling a bit dispirited about things in general, when a young African American woman got on my elevator at the 16th floor; she had a name-badge that read “Angel”. 

We stopped on the 15th floor, another woman got on & saw the young lady’s badge and said “Is that short for Angela?”  and Angel said “No, my mother said I when I was born I looked like an angel” (she still does) and the other woman said “we can’t have too many angels can we” and nodded & smiled at me, and for some reason it gave me a goosebump or two.

So when I got off the elevator and out the building and hurried to my bus stop, worn out and anxious and soaked with rain, I guess I did think “Wouldn’t that be nice if someone up there really was looking out for us…”   Cut to Wednesday and a Book of Psalms mysteriously plops at my feet when I open my front door.  Go figure.

I know, I know—it’s just a coincidence of course.  But I couldn’t help but shake my head a little on Wednesday after I set that holy book down, grabbed my keys and went to pick up that pie for Thanksgiving.  Lincoln Bakery has got some logo there.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

Lincoln Bakery


  1. Vacation Bible School! Now there's a blast from the past. My cousins attended VBS too and as I recall they had similar photos too. :)

    Wow, this post gives one pause for thought. Perhaps the good energy you put out is coming back to you. And since you interpret such info thoughtfully, intelligently and patiently, it landed in the right hands. :)

  2. Thank you Chelly--you always have something kind and positive to say, it means a lot to me. :)

  3. Aw thank you! :) It's easy to be nice to folks who are nice. Now, you should hear me talk about some of our local politicians! :P

  4. HA! You couldn't wrap up this post any better!!

  5. Thanks Darrin! Well, the mysterious Bible (still don't know who left that at my door) was one thing, but the bag inspired the blog :)


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