Monday, November 26, 2012

I know I haven’t been writing, but I’m not hanging up my hat just yet


Before I say another thing—I hope everyone reading this had a nice Thanksgiving.  My sister Shawn & her husband Jim had their usual feast, and I spent the four day holiday weekend immersed in a whole lot of nothing, it was terrific. 

And now it’s Monday night, and I have the volume on my tv up a little louder than necessary because I’m attempting to drown out the assorted going-ons coming from that bothersome gay couple who moved into the apartment next to mine.  (Why does their stereo have such a heavy bass?  And why do they have to be so dramatic about everything?  They’re over there arguing right now over what their favorite Christmas song should be!)  Try as I might, I don’t find them entertaining in the least.  Ironically, I signed the yearly lease for my place only a couple weeks before they moved in, and I don’t think I would’ve been so quick to do that had I known this pair was moving in.  I may be locked in for now, but I’ve still been spending my free time looking at apartment listings in my area; it’s not like I live in Alcatraz (yet).  

Of course, who’s to say I wouldn’t wind up with someone equally annoying at my next place, if not more so.  I sure had things good with my former next door neighbor, I just assumed we lived in a soundproofed building.  Wrong—so wrong.

Oh and for the record, last week I called the company that manages this building to see if they might lean on these two mofos a little—a kind young woman named Stacey informed me there was nothing they could do, “but if it helps Doug, I live in an apartment too and my neighbor is always shouting at his tv!  So I know just how you feel!”   No Stacey, that doesn’t help me in the least.  She said “the best I can do at this point is log your complaint—and if you feel things are that bad, call the police.”   Stacey, what do I tell the cops?   “Donny wants their favorite Christmas song to be ‘Blue Christmas’ and Tommy is having a snit over it, get over here right away!” 

Anyway, I apologize for sharing all of that… it does help to vent.  I just wanted the world out there to know I’m still alive & kicking, and boring as ever!  And as soon as I have something more to write about (and hopefully soon, I’m more anxious than anyone reading this) I’ll be sure to share.   Thanks as always for checking in.


  1. My former neighbours used to have karaoke parties late into the night or should I say into the wee hours of the morning. They played loud, loud music and used to laugh and crash into things a lot. They moved away recently. :) My neighbours above most likely walk around in stilts or high heels all day. I'm pretty sure they have bowling parties up there too. :P

    Hang in there bud, it'll get better.

  2. Karaoke parties!! Well Chelly, this pair was singing along (pretty loudly) to Christmas music a couple weeks ago--that time I DID go over & said "Do I have to listen to your singing too??" and the one who answered the door just giggled and said "Oops!"

    Anyway Chelly I sure am sorry you've had to contend with such rude neighbors too... I never realized how good I had it. Thanks for reading & for your input, I appreciate it. :)

  3. This is why, try as I might, I can't get a condo...I'll live with my mother until I'm 50 if I have to so that I can buy a house. Can't deal with other people's rudeness and BS. Once while on a business trip, a couple in the hotel room next to me was having a fight and shouting match in Spanish at night when I was trying to sleep, and I asked for hotel security to come and shut them up (which they did.) I can't imagine living next to that everyday only to be told, "Well, if it makes you feel better..."

    Hang in there, Doug. And glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. Of course, you'd have a piece of real interest to go into the Teepee if you agreed to that reciprocal interview, Doug...

  5. Thanks for sharing Pam--well, I haven't given up on 'apartment or condo living' just yet, I like being up off the ground--I just know now that next time, this will be the first thing I ask about! Anyways, I sure hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too :)

    Andrew, you are too funny man--I can just imagine the questions you'd be asking! Haha

  6. I have an idea...I'll stop over one evening and we'll pull a rolled up carpet out of your place and stash it into my van.We'll be sure bloody shoe falls out..the whole time mumbling about how he "knew too much".Maybe a comment as we pass their door about "messing with the Greene County boys."

  7. Haha--Chip that sounds like a plan but I don't think they're smart enough to get the hint! I could use it tonight, those fools have been at it all night >:^(


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