Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from ApacheDug’s Teepee (aka “Been too busy to write, does it show?”)



I don't make any pretenses that my blogs here are widely read, let alone all that interesting; but last night I was sitting here wrapping a gift when I realized it's been a couple weeks since my last entry, and what makes it worse, there's no Christmas blog!  I've written a holiday blog every year since 2006, and truth be told I was pretty happy with how last year's piece turned out.   ("The Twelve Stages of Christmas & Other Grinchy Things on my Mind", which you can view right here.)

The truth is that this year I've just been caught up in the humdrum of work & bad weather and trying to keep up with the going-ons of family (namely, my sisters).  My niece Drew has a bug right now it seems, so I'll be spending the holidays with my sister Shawn, her husband Jim & that beautiful little girl above, my other niece Sophia.   I'm excited for her to see what I got her (this very girly 'camping set', complete with pup tent, sleeping bag & knapsack) & I'm looking forward to my sister's ham & homemade scalloped potatoes tomorrow.   

I just can't believe that Christmas is here already--it seems we've had more than our share of holiday food in the office this year (I'm not kidding--between Erin's cheesy potatoes & Candace's Pecan Tassies, I work with some very gifted bakers) but I haven't heard any Christmas music or seen a single Christmas special or even a holiday themed 'regular' show!   How is that possible?



It doesn't help that I missed Sophie's Christmas show; she's the angel in center

I realize that 'getting into the holiday spirit' shouldn't be dependent on Charlie Brown, animated clay figures or some cheesy sitcom or variety show on television, but it's not like I grew up in Vienna or a Norman Rockwell painting.  I was a typical American kid of the 1970s, where watching Santa sledding on a Norelco electric razor, the annual Carpenters special or Fonzie learning the meaning of Christmas helped set the mood. 

(I was also going to add that this is the first year I haven't seen 'A Very Brady Christmas' since it first aired in 1989, but those darn Bradys have been popping up in every other blog lately; I don't want anyone to think...oh forget it!)

I think I'm going to make a vow right now that next year, I will get a tree, a ham, some Christmas albums and decorate my apartment.  I'm serious!  I wonder if I could get my sisters to travel up here instead?

Well, I am sorry for not having something better here--I hope everyone reading this has a nice holiday & I also look forward to sharing some interesting things in the weeks ahead.  And Drew, I love you very much & hope things are back to normal for you soon.  Take care!

Merry Christmas Everyone


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