Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I’m not making passes at this girl who wears glasses—I just like her music a lot

A few years back, I was visiting with family & my teenage niece Drew was showing me her new iPod, and I said “Who do you got on there, the Spice Girls?”  Drew said “No Uncle Doug!  I’m listening to Beyonce!” I said “Who’s that?” and her mother (my sister Donda) said “He’s teasing you Drew, everyone knows who Beyonce is.” 

I wasn’t kidding, at the time I really was clueless!  Let’s just say I’ve never been good at keeping up with the Top 40.

(Of course I know who Beyonce is now, and have known for awhile.  It just takes me a year or so to catch up with the rest of the planet)

Nerd smile

So the other day I was stumbling around Google, looking at photos of girls who wear glasses (nope I can’t explain why) and came across this young woman, Caitlin Hart.  She was wearing headphones too, so I went to YouTube & did a search, and it turns out she’s a talented artist who specializes in cover songs (like those so-called kids on ‘Glee’). 

Cover StoriesCaitlin’s album ‘Cover Stories’ from the Amazon mp3 store—I bought it!

Besides her work as a solo artist, she also sings with a pair of young guys, Jake Coco & Corey Gray—who like her, specialize in singing cover songs but are all pros at self-promotion, thanks to Twitter & YouTube. 

You gotta admire their ambition.

Knowing how out of touch I am with the music scene, I asked my friend Danielle (who’s a bit younger than me & has a husband who plays in a band) if she’d heard of Caitlin.  She said no & asked what else I knew about her.  I said not much, other than she’s young, lives in Los Angeles & wears dark glasses.

DANIELLE:  Does she have long straight hair & wear skinny jeans?

DOUG:  Well as a matter of fact she does--why?

DANIELLE:  Sounds like a hipster.

DOUG:  What’s a hipster?

DANIELLE:  Shaggy hair, dark heavy glasses, skinny jeans, funky sneakers.

DOUG:  Oh ok—so she’s cool!


ANYWAY, I just like this girl’s voice a lot (though I think all three of them have a great sound).  I’m not ready to start a fan club, I just wanted to share one of their covers & be able to say “I knew these guys when” if they manage to hit it big. 

Here’s one of their “homegrown” videos which impressed me a lot—I hope you enjoy it too. 


  1. Wow, they have gorgeous voices. Love their cover of the Lumineers "Ho Hey". Thanks for the heads up on their music Doug.

    By the way the honesty at which you wrote the following passage made me chuckle out loud:

    "So the other day I was stumbling around Google, looking at photos of girls who wear glasses..."

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. Girls with glasses rock.

    I should know (so much easier than wearing contacts). :)

  2. Haha thanks Chelly--and yes, girls with glasses DO rock, I don't know why so many of 'em opt for contacts! :)

  3. Doug,

    Punch yourself right in the plums. This is ghastly beyond words, ghastlier even than the Lennon Sister (I never imagined that phrase to be possible.

    You've seen 'Angel Heart', right? You know that last elevator ride down into Hell? Were there such a thing, this is the muzak playing in that elevator.

    Shawn, are you reading this? INTERVENTION. I think it's incumbent upon you to drive over to Doug's gaff RIGHT NOW and punch him to the ground - if others can aid you in this, so much the better. This isn't just Doug's usual awful taste - he is sick, and he must be stopped.

    Oh, the humanity!

  4. Andrew I never saw "Angel Heart", but that whole Fuhrer thing died in the '40s, man--so accept the fact there's lots of us happy inferiors running around & there's nothing you can do about it :)

  5. Sorry Andrew - The deal with me is that I'm always gonna' be in Doug's corner. And I like the Lennon Sisters anyway.

  6. "That whole Fuhrer thing" - hahahaha!


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