Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our hearts belong in outer space: The final pages of the Amazing Argo!



Well, here it is—what you’ve been waiting for, the end of the ride on the Amazing Argo!

In case you skipped over the previous chapter, an ancient virus from the undersea city of Atlantis has turned me into a vampire; while I’m on the hunt for blood, Shawn is now on the hunt for ME—with a vaporizer gun!

Meanwhile, the Evil Empress & Myorg are back, and aboard the Argo to exact their revenge—not knowing of the hot mess they just landed into!

TIME FOR A DISCLAIMER:  The artwork in the final couple pages gets suspiciously better & not wholly original; I’d begun thinking that the villains in our adventures shouldn’t look as goofy as Shawn & Doug, and so I turned to (the much better drawn) women in comic books for my inspiration.   I really wish I’d just stuck with my own style.  And on that final note….

Chapter 6:  In Love with the Myorg!  (After the thrilling conclusion to chapter 5, of course)






Nest time: There is no next time!  Shortly after I did this last drawing in the summer of ‘87, I got another job and a new place to live, & began making plans to go back to school.

I’ve often wondered how things turned out for Doug & the new Myorg, maybe someday I’ll return to the Argo & finish the adventure!

Thanks for reading!


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