Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chapter 4 in my Diary of a Fat Man: Dammit this is no laughing matter



Earlier this week, my sister Shawn a relative informed me she had just joined Weight Watchers because she was at her wit’s end & didn’t know what else to do at this point about these few pounds she couldn’t seem to shake off. 

I nodded my head solemnly, because I respect her feelings (and oh boy can I relate); but on the inside my head was tilted back, with my hands on my big, round Santa Claus belly—“HO HO HO!!”   Sister, you are preaching to the choir—a choir that consists of one big fat brother that’s 50 pounds overweight!



Here’s my sister Shawn & myself on her wedding day in 2000.  I can still remember what I weighed here: 195 lbs.  I’d sell my soul to weigh that now!


Anyway, after talking to Shawn my relative, I thought “hey I haven’t checked my own weight in months” so I pulled out my trusty digital scales, climbed aboard, laughed at the number (it HAD to be wrong) and promised myself I’d weigh-in on the professional scales in the office the following morning.  IT WAS TWO POUNDS MORE THAN MY SCALES AT HOME.   So I figure it’s time for another weight-chart & yes I know what you’re thinking “Aw c’mon Doug, not another one of these!  You’ve done this 3 times, you always fail!”   You’re right—but I can’t just give up, there’s a thinner Doug in me screaming to be let out.  So without further ado… wish me luck! 


Date Weight Gain/Loss Total
Sept 12 242.50 0 0
Sept 19 239.50 -03.00 -03.00
Sept 26 238.50 -01.00 -04.00
Oct 03 238.50 0 -04.00
Oct 10 238.25 -00.25 -04.25
Oct 17 238.00 -00.25 -04.50
Oct 24 236.75 -01.25 -05.75
Oct 31 236.75 0 -05.75
Nov 07 235.50 -01.25 -07.00
Nov 14 234.75 -00.75 -07.75
Nov 21 235.50 +00.75 Sad smile -07.00
Nov 27 235.00 -00.50 -07.50
Dec 05 236.00 +01.00 Sad smile -06.50
Dec 12 236.00 0 -06.50
Jan 02 241.50 +05.50 Sad smile -01.00
Jan 09 244.50 +3.00 Crying face +02.00 
Jan 16 246.00 +01.50 +03.50 

I’ll be back… I’ll be back.  Sad smile


  1. Good luck Doug and don't give up. And I have to say, your sister Shawn is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Pam! And I'll pass that compliment along to my sister--she still looks terrific but has always been hard on herself :)

  3. Best of luck Doug! Interesting that I came to visit the Teepee right after finishing a cookie...


  4. What kind of cookie? Haha, thanks Jase! I definitely need to try a little harder, but postive comments like yours helps. :)


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