Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dad & me: two old men, both two months shy of turning 58

This is a picture of Dad from May 1995, and me from 10 minutes ago.  We’re the same age here, both 10 weeks shy of our 58th birthdays.   These aren’t exactly fair photos for comparison, Dad’s is grainy and with a harsh flash, mine is digital (and with a swollen jaw from my tmjd). I wanted to wait until the swelling went down some, but maybe it never will and this is my new normal.  Anyway, I wanted to show us at the same age.

Doug, where’s your smile?  Oh it’s there… under that puffy jowl.  Smile 

I look at my old man and wonder if people can tell we’re father & son.  I realize lighting and such plays a big part with pics, but he seems to have a lot more color than me.  And his hair has only a hint of silver, where mine has a lot more gray.  Do we look the same age?  I suppose I’ll always see him as older, he’s my dad.  The poor man only lived another 5 years after this photo was taken… I sure hope I’ve got longer than that.

All I know is, getting old sucks.  And truth be told, seeing this selfie explains why 66 year old Debi on the sixth floor (I could’ve sworn she told me she was 69 when I met her a year ago) recently asked if I was single and when I said yes, responded “Good, I’m into older men!”  and bumped my hip with hers.
mrsmamieRemember Mrs. Mamie from ‘Third Rock from the Sun’?  The hair, the jewelry, the tight pants— this is Debi!

She’s also said fun things like “Doug we should tell everyone we’re a couple and watch all the tongues here wag!” and “When are you coming upstairs for some of my homemade lasagna?  I don’t bite!” and  What’s your favorite drink, whiskey beer or wine?  I’ve got all 3!”

I usually don’t say much, I just smile or chuckle politely and thank her for the invite then go on my way.  One time as I was exiting the lobby I heard her tell one of the other ladies “We’ve got a shy one!”  

She certainly seems fun enough, but I see a feisty old lady who likes to brag she has the caboose of a 25 year old and she sees… geez, what DOES she see?  The other day after one of my run-ins with her, I asked Dave (one of the older guys here who witnessed it) if he’s seen Debi do this stuff with the other male tenants. 

He laughed and said “she is friendly, isn’t she?  I saw her chatting up one of Steiner’s maintenance men once… and she talks to that guy on the first floor who goes running every day.” 

Hmm… that’s Kyle and he isn’t a day over 30.  Well Debi, good luck with him.  I’m more into ladies from my own age group, born say 1960-1964.  You know, older women.

I think I’m ready for a nap.

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  1. I'm always shocked when I see photos of my mother. I have one where she is 16 but to me she looks about 28 and I once compared photos of both of aged 42. She looked so much older than I did at the same age. Not too wrinkled or grey, but her facial expressions make her look old. She was never a happy woman and that is aging in itself.


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