Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I think therefore I am… a fat man. A very, very fat man.

This isn’t what I intended to write about.  I was planning on writing that I haven’t been up to blogging as of late, and was going to take a break from things on here for awhile.

And then yesterday morning I had an appointment with my doctor to re-evaluate my hypertension meds.   

After a disastrous weigh-in (where I asked to be weighed again without any clothes), I met with my doctor who said she was aware of the “catch-22” with these drugs.  They promote weight gain, but she can’t reduce the dosages until I lose weight.

She said for a man my age & body type, my ideal weight was in the 205-210 range.  I asked if she was sure, told her that 6 years ago when I hit 260 pounds, made a big deal of it, posted a weekly online weight chart on my blog.  After one year of diet & exercise, I lost 50 lbs.  When I showed my sister, she thought I still had a ways to go.

My doctor said “My expertise is in nutrition & diet.  And 210 would be a healthy number for you to get to & maintain.”   As of this writing, I weigh 277.6 lbs.   

So I figure if I post another online weight chart, with a weekly weigh-in and public shaming—it might help motivate me.  So, beginning this Friday, I’ll be updating the chart below.  Wish me luck.


Date Weight Gain/Loss Feeling Total
Nov 30 2021 277.60      
Dec 03 277.20 -0.40   -0.40
Dec 10 274.80 -2.40   -2.80
Dec 17 272.80 -2.00   -4.80
Dec 24 271.80 -1.00   -5.80
Dec 31 270.00 -1.80   -7.60
Jan 07 2022 271.20
+1.20   -6.40
Jan 14 271.00 -0.20   -6.60
Jan 21 264.60 -6.40   -13.00
Jan 28 263.40 -1.20   -14.20
Feb 4 264.20 +0.80   -13.40
Feb 11 265.60 +1.40   -12.00
Feb 18 263.40 -2.20   -14.20
Feb 25 264.20 +0.80   -13.40
Mar 04 263.0 -1.20   -14.60
Mar 11 264.0 +1.00   -13.60
Mar 18 262.0 -2.00   -15.60
Mar 25 262.0 0   -15.60
Apr 01 260.0 -2.00   -17.60
Apr 08 258.20 -1.80   -19.40
Apr 15 257.00 -1.20   -20.60
Apr 22 257.60 +0.60   -20.00
Apr 29 257.60 0   -20.00
May 6 257.60 0   -20.00
May 13 256.40 -1.20   -21.20
May 20 256.40 0   -21.20
May 27 256.40 0  Crying face -21.20
June 3 256.40 0   -21.20
June 10 256.40 0 Annoyed -21.20
June 17 251.20 -5.20   -26.40
June 24 253.0 +1.80   -24.60
July 1 254.80 +1.80   -22.80
July 8 255.60 +0.80   -22.00
July 15 253.20 -2.40   -24.40
July 22 252.20 -1.00   -25.40
July 29 252.20 0   -25.40
Aug 5 253.40 +1.20   -24.20
Aug 12 253.40 0   -24.20
Aug 19 253.00 -0.40   -24.60
Aug 26 254.20 +1.20   -23.40
sept 2 252.60 -1.60   -25.00
Sept 16 249.00 -3.60   -28.60
Sept 23 249.00 0   -28.60
Sept 30 248.20 -0.80   -29.40
Oct 7 249.00 +0.80   -28.60
Oct 14 250.60 +1.60   -27.00
Oct 21 250.60 0   -27.00
Oct 28 249.80 -0.80   -27.80
Nov 4 248.00 -1.80   -29.60
Nov 11 247.00 -1.00   -30.60
Nov 18 246.00 -1.00   -31.60
Dec 2 247.60 +1.60   -30.00
Dec 9 246.60 -1.00   -31.00
Dec 16 246.00 -0.60   -31.60
Dec 23 246.80 +0.80   -30.80
Dec 30 248.80 +2.00   -28.80
Jan 06 2023 245.00 -3.80 colonoscopy -32.60
Jan 13 247.20 +2.20   -30.40
Jan 20 248.20 +1.00   -29.40
Jan 27 247.20 -1.00   -30.40
Feb 3 248.00 +0.80   -29.60
Mar 10 246.40 -1.60   -31.20
Mar 17 242.20 -4.40   -35.40
Apr 7 242.80 +0.60   -34.80
Apr 14 243.40 +0.60   -34.20


  1. Good luck to you! Good start; gotta do it for you, and hopefully your blog buddies won't be doing shaming. Linda in Kansas

  2. Back when I was single, the easiest way for me to lose weight was just to not come home with lots of snack type foods. My laziness to go shopping usually outweighed my hunger. But now with four others with me, this is hard to do. Fortunately, I just ask them not to bring home my favorite snack foods and that helps a lot.

  3. Gotta agree with Ed. Just don't bring the high calorie snacks home. (Going for a thyroid blood test today to see why I'm too thin. Life isn't fair, is it!) For the sake of your health, Doug, I certainly am cheering you on. You can do it!!!

  4. Good luck with your weight loss Doug. This IS a very hard time of year to be trying to lose weight. We are all behind you!❤️

  5. This is a bad time of year to tackle that project but you are right. Putting it out in public is a good way to stick to a plan. That was how I quit smoking 45 years ago. The times I tried but didn't tell anyone I failed. Once I put it out there, everyone was suddenly my cheering section. Count me in your cheering section.

  6. You're brave man to go public with your weight loss. But at least the ice cream season is over. Good luck, we're all rooting for you!

  7. Like I told my sister, if you get active, ie, walking, you can still eat. Walking every day will help you immensely. Especially if it's cold out because your body burns calories trying to stay warm.

  8. If I have good low calorie drinks around or lots of cut up veggies to dip in ranch(oops!) I do OK. Any chips or cookies around=disaster. Those of us who live alone have no one to give us the Evil Eye or help us by eating up some of the goodies. One step at a time and no beating up on yourself, Doug!

  9. Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone. Aside from a gallon of ice cream once a week and 1-2 loaves of bread, I really do little snacking! 😟

    1. A GALLON of ice cream and so much bread! at my worst binging I only went through about three pints of ice cream a week, and none at all now for quite some time. I understand, I could have eaten much more, and now I miss it very much, especially in our summer heat.

  10. Good Luck to you Doug on your weight loss plan. I wish I could eat however much and whenever I wanted:) I do think being active helps a person lose weight quicker than just trying to cut back on the eating. I think it's easier to be more active than to cut back on the eating too.

  11. good luck Doug ... such a miserable task to start at ANY time of the year πŸ™

  12. Doug, please don’t be to hard on yourself. You’ve got a challenge ahead of you, and you’re motivated to be healthier. I eat healthy for other reasons unrelated to my weight. My weight is good, but I have an autoimmune condition that flares if I don’t stick to healthy choices. A couple of things that helped me: I stick to eating whole, unprocessed foods. The other thing that helps me is to remember that if it’s not in my grocery cart, it won’t come home with me. Good luck, and remember that we are rooting for you!

  13. Thanks for your good wishes Sue, Shawn & Carole. I very much appreciate it!

  14. Good luck. Might I ask how tall you are? I am also fat and have recently begun to lose weight, and am now 77kg, (down from 80) which is 169 pounds. But I am only five feet tall and don't have large bones, so that is too much. My ideal weight is 60kg, or 132 pounds. So I only have 37 pounds to go. But I remember feeling my best when I was only 53-55kg (116-120 pounds). I think at my age I might look a bit too scrawny if I go that far though.
    Drink lots of water to help flush out toxins and walk as much as possible. Don't deny yourself the seasonal treats, but have half the amount.

    1. Wow River, good for you! I'm 5'8", but I haven't been under 200 pounds since high school. I appreciate you sharing and thanks for your advice. :^)

  15. I was going to recommend drinking lots of water too. My son recently lost 50 lbs and he attributes it to upping his water and green tea intake. But I do feel for you as the holidays are not the time to diet. But of course you could 'start'... and then give yourself a little leeway (maybe a day off a week where you could indulge a little) and then get into it more after the holidays (just a suggestion).
    As for the ice-cream... DH is a big ice-cream lover. I'm not, but I do love Dark Chocolate Dove bars. However, I only allow myself them in August when it's really hot or if I've done something difficult and need a treat (like taking this nuclear stress test recently). But good luck with the diet!

    1. Rian that sure is wonderful about your son! I liked your advice here too, thank you. :^)

  16. I am also rooting for you, Doug. I know you can do it with a little fortitude and willingness to be hungry now and then. I recently lost ten pounds which for someone my size is about the same as you losing thirty. I'm only 5'1" and small boned.

    1. Thanks DJan. Okay, this really surprised me--I honestly thought you were around my height, maybe taller.

  17. Haha. Of all the things you could write about, you gotta write about weight. I should do the same, because I am so fat and heavy it is awful. Why do you suppose I wear baggy muumuus all the time? Anyway, skinny people die, too, you know. I outlived a skinny vegan. He died at age 65, and here I am about to turn 76 in January. Go figger.

    1. Thanks Gigi... Well, you made me smile here, thank you! I don't even want to be skinny, I'm good with husky! πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ™‚

  18. Oh man. So hard. Here's something for you to take or leave: when I decided to forgo wheat (just wheat, not other grains), after about a month my entire appetite and cravings changed. I dropped weight without even thinking about it. Stayed off for about six years, too, but lately I've put another ten back on--although for personal reasons I know it's a new lack of exercise and some stress-eating. Still, not doing the wheat and I think that helps a lot because it's a worse appetite-trigger than sugar.

    1. Thank you Murr, I admit I eat a lot of wheat and wow Murr Brewster is on my blog!! πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ’•

  19. I have insulin resistant belly fat that the Diabetic injections cause, the Catch 22 you speak of I know only too well. The real kicker is... The Man lost 20 lbs. doing exactly the same thing I did even more of and only lost 5... so... at least you're a Man and will lose it faster than us Gals... dammit. *winks* In all seriousness, I hope you are on a trajectory that you can maintain, I find losing weight not to be nearly as difficult as maintaining that healthy weight long term. It's as if my metabolism wants to be at some unhealthy weight now and getting it regulated to the more slender version of myself doesn't seem to come easy so it's just a lot of work.

    1. Thanks for sharing Bohemian--I'm sorry for your own 'Catch 22',and I know it's tougher for women to lose--but at least you gals gain it 'all over', I get most of mine around my waist where it's most dangerous to carry. But like you said, it's like my metabolism wants me extra heavy! I'm just going to take it a week at a time :^)

    2. Uhhhh... No... I'm not gaining it all over. It's ALL in my tummy. My wrists are VERY skinny so it's deceiving. And just reading your post made me check my weight and I saw that I'd gained 2 pounds. Sheesh! Seriously though. I do want you to be healthy forever, Doug so good for you. I'll look forward to seeing your chart showing good progress.


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